Another Course with Monkey Traps to be installed soon in Clearwater, Kansas! - Mar 23rd, 2011

The Disc Golf Monkey and good friend Mark Anderson, loaded up 14 Monkey Traps and headed to Clearwater, Kansas to install another disc golf course. The Chisolm Trail Disc Golf Course is on the dual properties of the Chisolm Trail High School campus and on the local city park in Clearwater (just a few minutes from Wichita, KS). This course was set up with an educational perspective in mind, along with a community focus of adding another activity for people to do in Clearwater. Both of these were accomplished while still providing a challenging course for the disc golf enthusiast.

The 9 hole layout with a putting practice basket, offers a mix of short and long holes. The course also has two pin position options and two tee pads per hole. The course was designed by Jerry Steele, Bill Paulson and finalized by Pep Grant Manager Randy Vogel. The remaining four baskets were placed into a "Skill Shot" teaching area that will allow teachers and students to take part in an outdoor "hands on" disc golf classroom. Teachers will teach students the skills they need on a disc golf course in a condenced area. This brilliant and well thought out area was developed by Bill Paulson (Great Job Bill). This project is going to be utilized for years to come. A special thanks to Randy, Mark, and Jerry for their hard work in getting the course in the ground. This was truly one of the best of times.

There are currently 3 more courses being worked on by DGM. Two in Arkansas, and one in Missouri! Let the good times continue to fly! Keep coming back to see what is NEW!

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