Tournament Schedule

Jun 25th, 2016

6th Annual Jared Hilton Memorial - Atchley Park - Lebanon, MO

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Jul 9th, 2016

5th Annual Marshall Open - Indian Foothills - Marshall, MO

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Jul 16th, 2016

NNWA's 7th Annual Monkey Trap Open - Sports Life - Springdale, AR

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Jul 30th, 2016

2nd Annual True Life Open by Fossa - True Life Church - Springfield, MO

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Sep 3rd, 2016 - Sep 4th, 2016

9th Annual Jeff City Open - Binder Park - Jefferson City, MO

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Sep 10th, 2016

Elephant & Castle presents the 10th Annual Dale Roberts Memorial - McCulley Park - Nixa, MO

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Sep 23rd, 2016 - Sep 25th, 2016

The 11th Annual 4 States Open - McClelland Park - Joplin, MO

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Nov 5th, 2016

8th Annual Disc Golf Monkey Finale sponsored by Dynamic Discs - TBA

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2016 Lucky 13 Wrap Up - Mar 22nd, 2016

This year's Lucky 13 was a memorable one. It started on Friday with a wet, cold, and windy doubles competition. As mentioned in a previous post there were 11 teams (6 pro and 5 am) that braved the nasty conditions. Jef Salkil & Billy Pendegrass took 1st in Am and the father son duos made up of the Presnell's and the Anderson's tied for 1st in Pro. Great job again, and you are all troopers for playing in that weather.

Saturday morning when I woke up and stepped outside it was colder than all the ice bowls this year. I'm pretty sure I whimpered a little about having to head out. All the precipitation was gone from Friday, but what was lacked in rain was more than made up for in wind. Half way through the 1st round I asked about how fast the winds were blowing. When it was looked up on the smart phone, apparently the people who take care of this were in another part of the country as they claimed the winds were 16 mph (I call bull crap)!

The wind is always a "thing" in Republic, but this wind was brutal. Never did it let up. Either it blew hard or harder. It shifted in directions from hole to hole causing mental melt down by many (me included). Seeing even a top player like Devan Owens struggle and verbally say that the course and conditions were tough and hearing him say, "I have no idea what to do here" multiple times was a bit of relief realizing it wasn't just me.

The pro division was a very tight race from beginning to end. Only two strokes separated 1st and 8th after the 1st round. The "hot" round was shared by Andrew Presnell and Drew Frost in The Intermediate Division (crazy good Drew). There was a bit of a surprise as Devan was 3 strokes back and last on the second card. In the second round Devan made some great birdies and minimized some of the mistakes he made in the first round. Having a 15' foot head win putt after a booming drive on 18 was a highlight, but his putt that face masked was less than desirable. That putt would have been the difference had Andrew's disc not found the concrete drainage ditch that was OB. Andrew's poor luck does not take away from his stellar and consistent play. Great job to Devan and Andrew for their 1st and 2nd place finishes! Congrats guys!

Tara Why was the only pro woman player. I'll try harder to get some more pro women for you to battle girl. Thanks for playing and enjoy your winnings!

The advanced Division was taken down by the young gun from Camdenton, River Flagg. He was down by a stroke to Joplin's Andrew Jinks and up by one over Jonathan Cook after the first round. Toby Rector made a come back and Alonzo's pair of consistent 55's were enough to get into the top 3. River shot a 53 allowing him a comfortable 5 stroke win (his score matched that of the 5th place pros). Very impressive River! Congratulations to River in the win and both Toby and Alonzo on your comebacks.

The Advanced women's division featured Sandy Leech, Christine West, and Mariah Flagg. The day was owned by Sandy as she took a three stroke lead over Christine and then picked up two more in the second round giving her a 5 stroke victory. Thank you girls for playing, and I hope we can continue to get more ladies playing! Congratulations Sandy!!

Advanced Masters was a good match up especially in the top two spots. JD went in with a one stroke lead over "The Preacher" Nick DeRosa. Nick's consistent play (what he has become known for) proved to be enough to claim the title with a pair of 59's. Great job Preacher!

The Intermediate field was dominated by Drew "the Dominator" Frost! As mentioned earlier, he tied the hot round with a 49! Great stuff kid!! The real battle in this division was between the one and only Bud Man (Brad Hilton) and the Westside Bomber (Blaise Horseman). Despite a 2 stroke lead by Brad, Blaise battled back only to give it up in the last 4 holes. Good battle boys, and a big shout out and Congratulations for Drew's dominating play!

The Intermediate Women's division was also a battle between Staci Healey and Michelle Goldsberry. Staci took the lead in the first round by two and added one more to her lead in the second round. If I know Michelle, this will make her want to play in the next one. Great job Staci!!

I did not hear a lot about the Recreational division, but judging by the scores, Sam Rowland won in a convincing manner. Both his rounds were the best in the field as he cruised to a four stroke win over Jeff S. Rounding out the top four were Zach Pirwitz in third and Ray Renner in 4th. Congratulations to all of you!

Our only Junior was Blake Pendegrass. He played all 36 holes and played with the big boys. He also happened to be the big winner in the EDGE raffle as he took home the Innova Discatcher Sport basket. This kid was all smiles when Chris Thompson's beautiful daughter drew his number. The basket couldn't have went to a better person! Congratulations Blake and thanks for playing despite a lack of competition. You will be competing in Rec in no time.

Before I conclude I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this Lucky 13 event! Jared Keeling (The head of the Parks and Rec) for installing the course and continued support of this tournament. The countless sponsors that continue through the years we couldn't do it with out you. Above all the players who despite some nasty weather continue to fill up this event! You guys Roc, Buzz, Bard, or whatever you throw!!

Last, $600 was raised in out first EDGE supported event! That is a huge kick off for the year! Thanks for supporting the future of our sport!!

See you soon!

The 1st True Life Presidential Cup by Gateway Recap - Feb 24th, 2016

The 1st True Life Presidential Cup was unbelievable. With temperatures nearly reaching 80, a sold out field, and a course that has never looked better all made it as close to a perfect tournament as possible in February!

The tournament started on Friday with a record smashing 50 player field with 10 Pro Teams and 15 Am Teams! For a one day tournament on the Monkey Tours there has never been this large of a turnout for doubles. The Flex Start event started at 2:00 and there were many in attendance well before that practicing.

In the pro division, Trevor E. & TJ Hahn put together a stellar 12 down 42 that just barely held off Jeff Beth and Aaron Merideth by a stick! Blaise & Craig played great too in the Am division carding a 44. Warren & Blake were only one off the pace.
Great job to these groups and all the other teams that cashed!

On Saturday the True Life course again played very tough with some new changes, some fun wind, and the dreaded OB. There were only 7 out of 88 players that finished under par.

Bradley Brown was the only Junior and played well turning in a 127. I'd say his first tournament was a fun one.

The Rec division was a battle! Only one stroke separated the top four places with Tim Cleland finishing 4th, Billy Pendegrass 3rd, Jeff Salkil in 2nd, and Ray Renner taking the crown turning in a 117. Great Job guys!

The Intermediate division was owned by CJ Bias shooting a -3 (one of only 7 players who shot under for the day). He may need to look into another division as his score would have won in all division but open (and would have tied for 6th in it!). Great playing. CJ, See you in Open soon??

Staci Healey was our only Intermediate lady. We hope to get you a little competition next time!

In the Advanced Grand Masters Division it was a two horse pony show. The Clydesdale, Brad Hilton, bested Stan Balke of Jeff City by one stoke in each round. 114 and a 116 were great scores. Awesome battle and I'm sure this matchup will be fun to watch throughout the year.

Advanced Masters was taken down by the Preacher Nick DeRosa. Zack Feltenstein was 4 off the pace taking 2nd over Kevin Carder. Great win Preacher.

In the largest field in the tournament, the Advanced division, there was another great battle. This match up was also determined by a stroke. The Red Hot Jon McCain shot an even 54 which held off Toby Rector who carded a 55 and Chris Cleland was only one off Toby. This is another great matchup that is going to be fun to watch this season.

In the Women's Open division we had 3 ladies. Tara Why, Mariah Flagg, and Christine West. These ladies battled in the first round and it was very close with Tara and Mariah tied with 70's and Christine only a few back with 73. The second round Tara took control shooting a hot 61 to win by 9. Mariah finished 2nd with Christine pulling with in 2. Great job ladies!

The 17 Player field Open division was crazy with 5 players separated by 1 or 2 strokes after the first round. The second round was tough with Jeff Renner and myself exchanging birdies and par saves when needed. Jeff caught me on hole 14 as I fell short on my second shot landing behind the dreaded evergreen and made a bogie 4 as he made his par. On the the long hole 15 (my least favorite hole), I watched as 4 guys nearly half my age threw twice as far as I did giving them all chances for the birdie. Putting my upshot a few feet away allowed me stay in it as the birdies were not made. All are card birdied hole 16 and no one birdied 17 (crazy how this sport can be). We were still tied and both birdied 18. So this is how the play off was set.

Jeff went first flicking a good low shot that stayed a little wide and did a quick little roll nearly out of bounds but circled in. I threw a similar shot only more at the target. It skipped and hit the front of the basket and some how rolled and stayed in. Both our putts were about the same distance, only they were on opposite sides of the hill. Jeff and I discussed that the people watching wanted to see putts, and that they did. Hole two Jeff turned what I believe was a midrange over into OB. I through out wide avoiding the OB. Jeff's drop shot was dead on line. 4 feet higher and we would probably still be playing. I laid up and tapped in for my par and won by one. Jeff you are a great player and person. It was a pleasure playing a few bonus holes with you.

The Raffle was a success. All of you who contributed helped to pay off more of the course. It has been so exciting watching how this course has started. Just a small vision, and now it has grown into something special.

Pastor Nick, from all of us, thank you for letting us be a part of your vision!

To all of you thanks for playing and the support. See you in Lebanon!

The True Life Presidential Cup is this Saturday February 20th - Feb 16th, 2016

The True Life Presidential Cup is this Saturday at True Life Church. This is the first PDGA event the DGM has ever held in the Winter. The reason this event was scheduled was due to several people asking why I didn't run PDGA events in the winter. I honestly had never thought about why I didn't until the question came up. All I could really come up with is the fact that Winter Disc Golf always meant Ice Bowls and charity events. Although I have enjoyed them for what they are “Fundraisers”, I've heard many complaints about “not liking the mulligan thing”. DGM will still run charity events, because we need to give back, but this Saturday will be a test to see how many players want to make a Winter PDGA event happen!

I honestly am not a fan of cold in any way, shape, or form. I'm pretty sure this is because my Arizonan blood will never adjust. Fortunately, I think all in attendance are going to be blessed with another un-winter like day. The forecast is calling for highs in the 70's. I take this as a sign that this event was meant to be. Pastor Nick and I came up with this tournament, and he picked out the cool name. My little brother came up with the fun logo and Keith killed it on the Flier. Parker (Fossa) helped with the hot stamps, and Gateway Disc Sports will be providing the players packs. Jonathan Cook, Derek Norris and Pastor Nick have busted tail on this course making it better each time we get to play on it! To all of you thanks for the help.

You read correctly. I will be holding a raffle for all who pre register before 7:00 am on Wednesday the 17th. The drawing will be done by my daughter and I and posted on FB. Again to qualify to win all you have to do is pre register by the time and date given. This is simply a thank you to all who have taken the time to support by registering early. Remember you may pay at my shop or on line. Best of luck, and see you there!!

The 1st Ice Bowl at Branson Cedars Raised $1000 and Food for Christian Action Ministries (CAM)! - Jan 31st, 2016

I can't think of an Ice Bowl that I've been a part of that had better weather. I looked up the high for today in Springfield and it was 67! Absolutely unheard of for this area in January. The perfect temperatures brought out nearly 60 players to the Branson Cedars N"Ice Bowl"!

This Ice Bowl was to benefit the Christian Action Ministries (CAM). I am very excited to announce that along with 100+ cans of food we raised $984! I will be turning in a check for $1,000 to CAM. On behalf of Michael Michael Hyams and Branson Cedars, we say thank you so much for your generosity! Special thanks to Seth for his big contributions to the raffle and a congratulations for winning 3/4 of the prizes including the Innova Discatcher Sport!

There were seven divisions which included: Open, Advanced, Advanced Masters, Advanced Grand Masters, Intermediate, Recreational, and Women's. It was awesome to see regulars, as well as, blasts from the past ( Carl Jackson Doug, Rob, & Ted), and players that traveled quite a ways to play like Billy Lund & Chris Hutchinson (Tulsa) and the ultimate Road Warrior Justin Mount from Dixon, Illinois. Justin said he drove 8 hours to get to Cedars to play. Great turn out!

Congratulations to Sandy Renner Leech who took home the 1st place trophy in the Women's division. She informed me after the event that one of her kids from her school came and finished 3rd in the Rec division! Great first tourney Jackson, and keep on bringing those kids Sandy!

In the Rec division Nathaniel J Million bested Brandon Shields by only one in a great battle.

The Intermediate was won by Joshua Lane by 3 strokes Matt Williams and one off him was Seth Black. Another pretty close field.

Jon Parsons and Brad D. Hilton battled it out in the Grand Masters division with Jon taking home the win by 2 strokes.

Hutch had a convincing win in the Advanced Masters division shooting a 54 that was 5 better than Daniel Scott Williams 2nd place performance.

Jon McCain from Joplin dominated the Advanced field shooting a 55 that held off Kyle Cooper 57.

In the Open Division, Billy Lund's 49, won over my 51 3rd place, and Shayn's 50.

Congratulations to all who cashed and to the over all winners!

Again, thanks to all of you for coming out and supporting CAM. I hope to see you next week at True Life for the TLB and in two weeks back at True Life for The Year of the Monkey's first PDGA event of 2016 the Presidential Cup. Registration is Open!

The Year of the Monkey Tour 2016 - Jan 22nd, 2016

Today at 11:53 PM
Many of you have been asking about my tour schedule and now it is time to bring in the Year of the Monkey Tour 2016 Calendar As you can see at the bottom there are still a few tourneys pending dates. There will more than likely be a tournament in October. I will repost as soon as the date(s) are confirmed.

As Disc Golf continues to Boom, it was more difficult than ever to organize and schedule a tour. Thanks to all cities, clubs, churches, and Co- TD's for your cooperation and letting DGM be a part of your tournaments. Also, a big shout out to Michael Glen Porter for helping me try to avoid bigger/local events. We did our best and we are ready to fly!

There are many Tour Sponsors again this year and negotiations are still being made. If you'd like to be a part in helping with the sponsorship of the Year of the Monkey Tour give me a shout out!

Make note that the first PDGA event is the True Life Presidential Cup. Notice that it will also be in Febrrrrrrrrruary. I was asked why I didn't have PDGA events in the winter, and I didn't have a good answer so Pastor Nick DeRosa and I brainstormed and scheduled one. It should be a fun kick off event. Registration is now open at Disc Golf Scene

I look forward to seeing you all this season. Thank you for another opportunity to provide events that offer players quality players packs, great payouts, and lots of fun!

I can't wait to let the discs Fly! See ya soon!

The Bear Hollow Ice Bowl in Ava kicks off the New Season - Jan 18th, 2016

The 2nd Annual Ava Ice Bowl to benefit the Heart of the Hills Food Pantry was definitely a true "Ice Bowl" as the temperatures were well below freezing for the first round of play. I'm sure many were hoping for the 60+ degrees that we played in last year, but that was not the case. We had more players than degrees with 37 players and a high of 36. It was fortunate that there was little to know wind which made play tolerable.

Nick Helm and I plan on meeting tomorrow and going over all the totals of food and money raised. Thank you to all for your support! This was another fun and successful fundraiser.

There were 7 divisions this weekend. Open, Adv, Adv Master, Adv Grand Master, Int, Rec, and Women.

There was some very good battles in a few of the divisions. Staci Healry was the only lady that came out. Thanks for coming and enjoy that trophy girl!

There were seven in the Rec Division. Blaise Horseman pulled a "Nick DeRosa" and sand bagged his way to a dominate win shooting a 94. The 94 score was not only was 8 strokes better than Josh Lane's 2nd place, it also would have won in all other divisions except for the Open division. On a serious note, Great playing Blaise!

Like the Rec Division, the Intermediate division consisted of a field of seven as well. This division was far from a run-a-way however! Nick Helm (the Ice Bowl TD) and Don Fite fell one stroke short of making it a 3 way tie for first with their pairs of 104's. Dustin Boyd's 103 was just enough to take home the 1st place Trophy. Great job guys!

There were 4 players in the Advanced Grand Master division. This was another close battle. It was so close that it had to be settled in a play off between Ray Presnell and Lebanon's Brad Hilton. Their 95's were 3 better than the road warrior Jon Parsons from Marshall. Ray ended up winning the tie break in the first hole of the play off. Exciting finish fellas. I'm confident you guys will be battling all year!

Three players battled in the Advanced Masters Division. Despite George Eudy shooting the hot round (51) of the group in the first round, Nick DeRosa came back from a 3 stroke deficit to win by 2. JD Williams, was still in the hunt but he couldn't quite come back from his first round par round. Nice battle guys!

The Advanced field had 5 players in it. Chris Cleland came from behind to win by 2 over Jon Cook and 4 over TJ Hahn. Chris shot an exceptional 45 the second round that lead him to victory. Keep up the competition guys.

The largest division with nine players was the Open division. As expected the best scores were shot by players in the Open field. Mark Anderson's 88 was good enough for last cash. Shayn Woltz and Mike Porter tied for 2nd with 87's. The real deal though was Jeff Renner who was the overall champion as he massacred the course and the field shooting 38 & 40 rounds. His 78 was crazy awesome. Congratulations Jeff keep it up!

Other winners included the 3 players who shared the ace pot: Chris Cleland, Don Fite, and Dustin Boyd shared Approximately $150. Keep those Aces coming!

Jeff Tenner won a Ranger bag in the raffle, and Josh Lane won the Innova Discatcher Sport.

Congratulations again to all the winners. The next event will be at Branson Cedars on January 30th. Hope to see all of you there!!

The Winter Blast Should Have Been Called the Spring Fling with Temps Reaching 70 Degrees! - Dec 16th, 2015

70 degrees on the day of the Winter Blast was just nuts, but no complaints from this Arizona boy!
The Christian County Family Crisis Center will be given a check for $910 plus a lot of food and cleaning supplies. The CCFCC said that cleaning wipes were one of the the most needed items. With he huge donation from Chad and several other players, the need was definitely filled for a few months!

The break down for the above $910 raised:
24 players paid the $5 extra = $120
45 bought 1st round $5 mulligans = $225
43 bought 2nd round $5 mulligans = $215
Raffle/straight donation made $350

Along with the very successful fund raising for the CCFCC, the tournament was fun as well. We were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous day as 49 Players competed in the Winter Blast. We had 8 divisions that included: Pro, Pro Women, Advanced, Advanced Master, Intermediate, Intermediate Women, Recreational, and Juniors.

The over all champion shooting a perfect 18 down on the 1st round and a 12 down in the second (-30 for the day, was Josiah Durham. I was fortunate to watch as Josiah throw a perfect front 9 (no mulligans used) combining 8 perfect parked drives and one incredible down hill putt from 50+. His big lead allowed him to keep 3 strokes ahead of Jeff Renner who made a run in the second round.

Other winners included Brandy Monnahan (102) by one stroke over Jamie Helton (Women's Open), Jonathan Stokes turned in an 87 in the Advanced division that was 2 better than Josh Drecker and 3 better than Chris Cleland, Chris Wheat took down the Adv Master Division with a 98 which was two better than George Eudy and Tad Odum who were both hot on his tail, Don Fite prevailed in the Int division carding a 93which was 2 better than Tadge Kavanaugh and 3 better than Craig Goldsberry (who shot a remarkable 43 first round), Staci was the only Int woman and shot 123, Todd Anderson had a comfortable 4 stroke win over Chris Ryan and Blaise Horesman with a score of 98, and the only Junior Blake Pendegrass finished at 134. Congratulations to all for finishing on top.

There were a few other high lights today as well. 10 Turkeys and 4 hams were given away in the CTP Turkey Trot. The biggest winner of the day was Chris Cleland who slammed an Ace on hole 5 to capture the money in both the tourney Ace Pot and the rolling Monkey Tag Ace pot which cleared him a cool $400 Christmas shopping bonus! If you missed this event, you missed a fun one. See you next time!

On behalf of the CCFCC: to all of you who made this happen thank you for your continued support. My prayer is for all of you may be blessed for your contributions!!

What to Expect at The 5th Annual Winter Blast - Dec 9th, 2015

Only a few days away from The 5th Annual Winter Blast benefiting the CCFCC. Each year this event has helped the Women's Shelter in Christian County with food and money. Taking time and giving to this charity has been rewarding and a lot of fun.

There are so many new players in the tournament scene that I would like to explain what to expect at this tournament. As the flyer states the entry is $25 and $5 extra or 5 cans of food (which ever option you choose the extra will go to the CCFCC). Also, we will be selling mulligans. The money for this will also go to the CCFCC. There will again be a Turkey Trott which is a chance for players to win a ham or turkey (This year we have about 7 each. If you can bring one to donate please do. The more the merrier!). Players who save their mulligan tickets, win tickets for their 3 birdies in a row (turkeys) in the round, or purchase chances will compete in a CTP for the pigs and birds. We will also have a raffle. Come prepared to have a great time!

We will again be having chile for lunch. If you make a mean batch of chile please bring it with you. If you are able to bring crackers, bowls, napkins, spoons, shredded cheese, onions, or whatever you think may go well with chile please bring it with you.

I was asked about pay out. As always from the beginning of this event, there will be a payout. Like all DGM events, Ams will be paid out with vouchers, and Pros will be paid out in cash. So despite it being a charity event, it is still a great chance to put on your competitive best and come try to take home some loot!

See you all there!!



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