Gettin’ It Done Tour 2018 Recap - Feb 4th, 2019

It has been 10 full years that Disc Golf Monkey decided to embark on the uncertain journey of choosing Disc Golf as a career choice. In 2009 the first Disc Golf Monkey Tour was organized and there were 8 PDGA events. Needless to say the events were much smaller then, but the same fun and excitement of tournaments still drives us to push forward each year. DGM’s goal has always been to get people to play the game that has been a passion for so many years. DGM has been trying to “Grow the Sport” even before the slogan was cool!

This year’s 10th season was named the Gettin’ It Done Tour. It featured an edgier/darker and hungry looking monkey as the logo. Many people don’t know that there was significant meaning to the logo. Having been injured and playing hurt for over 2 years I had surgery to repair my knee. I was read to compete again, I was hungry, and the tour logo monkey looked like I felt. It was awesome as I shared with many people the reason for the “dark monkey” logo that many players could identify with the feeling. It’s always fun being able to turn your passion into something others can embrace and enjoy!

2018 was filled with so many great times and will be remembered for years to come by many. There were 22 tournaments featured in the Gettin’ It Done Tour, and man did we get it done. We again averaged 90+ at our events and maxed out many of the tour stops. Although there were some that had less in attendance the competition and atmosphere was not effected by the smaller turn outs. The big events like the 4SO and Jared Hilton Memorial continue to get better every year.

Every year there are highlights that need to be mentioned and unfortunately many will be missed here. Each year DGM tries to give back to the local communities raising food, supplies, and money for local charities. It was awesome being a part of two Ice Bowls and what we call our Winter Blast. The 3rd Annual Bear Hollow Ice Bowl held in Ava, MO kicked off the year by contributing $575 in cash and 145 lbs of food to The Heart of the Hills Food Pantry and Thrift Store. The 10th Annual Lebanon Ice also saw a record in money raised for the L-Life foundation in Lebanon, MO. A third charity event that was held was at the very end of the year held at Grubaugh Park in Ozark, MO. The Winter Blast benefits a the Christian County Family Crisis Center which is a women’s shelter. This tournament has served as a true blessing for those who play and those who receive the financial support. The last charitable donation that topped off the year was the contribution to the EDGE program. The Educational Disc Golf Experience was given over $3,000 from 6 events on the tour. This year’s total allowed us to break the $25,000 mark. It has been an awesome 10 year partnership! My hat is off to each and every player sponsor, and volunteer who has helped support all of the above charities.

Each year DGM tries to continue moving forward bettering the tour and events. Continuing the relationships with past sponsors and finding new ones to keep up with the rising costs of everything is a mission and challenge. Last year we had 2 A Tiers on the tour and all the rest were B Tiers with the exception of one C Tier. Although the Discn’ for Cheetahs event was a C Tier, it still had the same feel and competition as most of the B Tiers. Continuing to make these events bigger and better each year has been helped greatly by acquiring more sponsors.

As we all gear up for 2019, I am extremely happy to see what was accomplished in 2018. My goals for this year are to continue to build up the events and provide a fun filled tour for all those who love the support and want to see it continue to grow. My hope is to see many new faces, but to bring back the many seasoned players who have been along for this long disc flight for years.

See you all out on a course and may the birdies and aces be plentiful in 2019!

8th Annual Winter Blast Wrap Up - Dec 18th, 2018

The 8th Annual Winter Blast

Results on the PDGA Website:

Another Winter Blast is in the books. 57 players came out on a relatively nice day for December. Grubaugh Park in Ozark has always been the site for this event in it’s 8th consecutive year. Along with the site of the event being the same, so is the beneficiary of this event fundraiser. The Freedom’s Rest Christian County Family Crisis Center, has received a mixture of, food, clothing, cleaning supplies, and money from disc golfers from around the area. It has been awesome to see this event grow and continue to be successful for so many years.

Despite the attendance being down 6 players, the event set a new record of $1,350 being raised for Freedom’s Rest. Last year with 63 players, $1,250 was raised. Great job to all! Along with this donation there was canned/boxed food along with cleaning supplies were also donated. The funds were raised in a few ways including: $10 of each entry being donated, a $5 or 5 cans of food donation as part of the entry fee, and the money received in the raffle all contributed in the effort. As always it was awesome to see so much support by some of our 1000 plus rated rafflers: Seth Hamilton, Brad Hilton, and Grumps Hamilton getting in on the action. Chalis Carter was the big winner as he slipped in and took home the big ticket item, The Disc Golf Monkey’s Spider Trap Basket. To all of you thanks for making this the best Winter Blast to date!

There were a total of 8 divisions that included a rare middle aged Jr. Division courtesy of Sandra Leach. Sandra brought 6 students from her school to attend this year. The other divisions were: Open Men, Open Women, Advanced, Advanced Masters, Intermediate, Intermediate Women, and Recreational.

The weather started out with a cold mist/sprinkle, but the precipitation quickly went away along with the clouds. The first round stayed rather cool throughout because of the constant wind. The second round was much nicer as the sun shined brightly the rest of the event. Over all for a tournament in December, the weather was welcomed.

The competition was a lot of fun, as it is always exciting to compete and help a local charity at the same time. In the Junior division, Landon Richards 110 smoked the field shooting 8 strokes better than the 2nd place Cole Jones. In the Rec Division Chalis Carter Edged out Wes Lott with a 101. In the women’s Intermediate
Division Mary Abbott shot a respectable 120. In the Men’s Intermediate Division, Dylan Clinkenbeard shot a -10 (98) to thwart off Jeremy Willis by 4. The Advanced Masters Division was a rollercoaster dog fight looking at the scores. After Tad Odom was trailing by four behind the commanding lead of Ray Preznell, Tad blistered the Hot Round of the day shooting a 42 giving him the big “W”. The Advanced Division was taken down by Conner Brooks in what was the tightest division. Conner’s 10 Under was followed by Chris Pilarski’s 9 Under and from then each place was separated by only one stroke. Innova’s Itzy Gavin (from (Springdale, AR) took the Open Women’s Division. Cory Anderson took a commanding lead with an 11 Under 43 over Jeff Renner in the first round and was able to hold off Jeff by only one. Jeff made a big charge in the second round. Congratulations to all the winners! Great job!

It has been an incredible Tour. The Gettin’ It Done Tour 2018 truly lived up to it’s name. To each and everyone of you players and sponsors, thanks for making this 10th consecutive year unforgettable in so many ways. You all Rock. Keep them flying into the baskets as you all prepare for next year!

Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!!

The Winter Blast benefitting Freedom’s Rest - Dec 10th, 2018

The Winter Blast Disc Golf tournament is this Saturday in Ozark, MO. This event form the beginning has benefited the Christian County Family Crisis Center also known as Freedom’s Rest. Freedom’s Rest is a Women’s Shelter providing food, shelter, and many other avenues of support for women and children escaping abuse. Each year this tournament has grown in popularity and with the growth the donations to Freedom’s Rest have steadily increased as well.

Last year, by popular demand, the event was sanctioned as a PDGA C Tier and the mulligans were removed. Because the mulligans were one of the major ways of raising money, we now simply take out $10 (the previous cost of the mulligans) from then entry and donate it to Freedom’s Rest. This year the event is again registered and sanctioned with the PDGA as a charity event. In addition to the $10 donation, there will also be a Raffle with the proceeds being given to the charity. Similar to the Ice Bowl entries there is a 5 cans of food (or cleaning supplies) or a $5 donation added to registration price. These items are much appreciated by Freedoms Rest and can be used any time.

With your entry each player will receive a custom Tour disc, a choice of a tour towel or clipboard, and a smaller item. If you can not attend and want to support by donating any way, you may pay the entry and still receive a players pack. Each player will have the opportunity to take part in a fun added feature to this event that is called the Turkey Trott game. Grubaugh Park is a shorter course and allows for lots of birdies if you are on. If a player can get 3 birdies in a row (a turkey) this allows one throw at a CTP for each. The CTP winners are then given a Turkey or Ham provided by several different sponsors.

This year there will be a spider Monkey Trap given away in the raffle along with many other prizes. If any of you have items that you would like to donate to the raffle it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you want to help with bringing a turkey or ham or extra food or supplies please bring them. All items are usually delivered to Freedom’s Rest the day of the event.

As we enter the Christmas season we hope you will show your support one last time in 2018. Wear your thermos, don’t forget your gloves, Jackets, boots, and hand warmers and come get a few more PDGA points before this season ends. I like to think of this as a bonus event allowing one last chance of the year to play with your buddies, get a few points and support an awesome cause.

See you in Ozark!

The Encore Recap - Nov 20th, 2018

The Encore Recap

This past Sunday 42 players braved the cold drizzly day as they played the Encore tournament held at Swing Right Golf. With weather being near perfect just a day before, battling nature’s elements was the name of the game. Despite the constant precipitation, the tee pads seemed to be enjoyed by most. There are 3 completed tee pads and the other 15 are about 1/2 done. The 15 uncompleted pads had a solid base with Astro Turf placed on them making them grippy despite the rain. The Astro Turf was provided by Team Monkey’s Kevin Carder.

The players meeting started at approximately 8:30, as planned, and allowed tee off to kick off right at the scheduled 9:00. Swing Right currently has 18 permanent holes. A 400’ 19th Hole was added allowing the course to connect between the first and last holes allowing things to flow better for tournament play.

With the smaller turn out, there were only six divisions at the Encore. As mentioned earlier the conditions were a factor as the light rain and cold wind began shortly after tee off. Some cards finished rather quickly and others took a while longer in the nasty weather. After the first round was in the books, the following players were leading their divisions: David Richeson in Junior, Michael O (58), Brandon Shields (59), and Charles Rector & Wes Lot at (60) were all in a close race, Candie Luster in Wn, in Intermediate Steve Kastner blasted a 53 with Chase and Brad close behind with a 55 & 56, Advanced was held by Daniel Ainsworth destroying the field with his hot round 48, The Open division was very close with Derek Norris (48) and Andrew Preznell (49) and my (51) allowed me to stay in the hunt. Personally, I was happy that first round was out of the way so I could get warmed up.

Brad Hilton, my mom Belma Burns, and brother Ruben Apodaca, made chile for the players. This was about the perfect meal for the day. During the break, raffle tickets were sold as there were some great prizes to be given away including the big ticket items: Team Keen back pack, a DD micro Recruit basket, and a $425 Discatcher Pro 28. The raffle proved to be an exciting part of the event as 2 1000+ rated rafflers went head to head!

The final round was played and the results can be found on the PDGA website at:

The following players finished on top in their divisions. Candie and David each won in their divisions. In the super close Rec battle, it was Charles coming from 3rd to take the win over Brandon by one and Wes by 3. The Intermediate was won by Chase (Sandy Bagger) Luster who went on record to say that the Encore would be his last Intermediate tournament. His “Hot Round” 48 gave him a comfortable 6 stroke win over Steve. The Advanced field was won by Daniel as his 48 hot round proved to be enough to hold off Ray Preznell who did get a stroke on Daniel in the second round. If any of you would like to share a story line about your card please do so in the comments. Also, any time you would like to share something send it my way after the tournament and I’ll try to include it in a tourney wrap up.

The only card I can provide lots of details on was the lead card in Open. Derek had some trouble early having a few unfortunate kicks and roll always, in the stretch of wooded holes. Andrew had an early tree hit and one nasty roll away that went out of bounds. Despite this he still finished tied for the lead. I was able to put 2 bogie free rounds together with a 9 under 2nd round that helped me catch the Prez with a total of 14 down. We went to the first hole to start the play off. I through first landing about 30’ short and Andrew parked hole one. I made my putt forcing another hole to be played. I threw a flick and landed 20 long, and Andrew through a big hyzer around the evergreen landing about 25’ out to the right. Again, we both birdied. The 3rd and what proved to be the final hole, was interesting. I shanked my drive hitting a tree leaving myself 200’ out. Andrew threw wide right clipping a tree changing the direction of the disc into a perfect line toward the hole landing 10-15’ from the pin. Andrew’s birdie sealed the deal. Great job Andrew it was a fun round with 3 exciting bonus holes. Congratulations to Andrew and all the other winners.

The last note worthy recap was the raffle. It was Brad Hilton 1050 rated raffler squaring off with 1045 rated Seth Hamilton (coming in as a late entry as he did not play the event). The stage was set as Brad purchased his tickets strategically at different times during the day. Seth slipped in at last call, being kept up to speed by his buddy Tadge. Each won an item before the Innova Pro Basket (Seth won the Micro Mini Basket). The numbers were called and Seth took the basket sweep! It’ll be close to see if this win will put Seth ahead in the Raffle Ratings, but I don’t think it will as Brad has one 4 baskets in 7 events including 2 Monkey Traps, a custom Throw Pink Innova Pro 28, and an Innova Sport. Seriously to all who continue to support Thank You!

It has been an incredible season and am looking forward to 2019. I hope to see you at the Winter Blast in December.

Aces, Birdies, and Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you!

FINALE RECAP - Nov 5th, 2018

Disc Golf Monkey's Gettin' It Done Tour Finale sponsored by Elephant & Castle Fine Arms and Discmania is in the books. For the second year in a row, players made their way along the curvy roads to the Lost Woods Golf Course in Theodosia, MO. The Lost Woods has an 18 hole disc golf course that is playable year round. For the Finale there is a 20 hole shortened design that allows for a quicker play. It was again an incredible time an an absolutely gorgeous piece of land.

The day started early with cool temperatures. Breakfast was served early by the Shockey Family and The Lost Woods staff. Players enjoyed another big Finale Players Pack. After the players meeting, the players made their way to the golf carts and to their designated holes on the brisk and cool morning. The early 9:00 start time allowed the groups to be done before noon.

The players enjoyed a soft taco meal with chips and salsa after the first round. Raffle tickets were sold as the scores were added up and put into the computer by the Amazing DGM staff (you guys ROCK). After a smooth half time players went back in their groups and played the 2nd round. The temperatures seemed to stay the same despite the forecast calling for a warm up. The wind picked up significantly.

After the second round there was an Ace throw off and a Play off for for first in the Recreational Division between Matt Pearson and Andre Anderson. Andre canned a 40’ turbo putt for the win. Great battle guys.

There was really only two players that were in the battle for the Open championship. Both Chris Eads and Andrew Presnell dominated the division in their dog fight for top honors. Eads took a 3 stroke lead in the first round. Andrew battled back shooting a 48 but Eads was able to hold off the charge and won by a stroke. Great playing guys. You guys both demolished the field!

For full results, visit the PDGA at:

Other note worthy information:
Dynamic Discs/Trilogy CTP Challenge Winner (wining a DD Recruit): Blaise Horseman
MVP/Axiom CTP Challenge Winner (winning a MVP Black Hole): Sam Bohan
Winner of the Luster’s Treasure Island Hole (for a free admission to a DGM event in 2019): Trevor Erickson
Winner of the Black Hole in the Raffle:
Jon Parsons
Winner of the Innova Discatcher Pro Target: Brad Hilton

On behalf of Elephant & Castle, Discmania, The Lost Woods, and Disc Golf Monkey, THANK YOU ALL for making this 10th Consecutive Tour Finale such a huge success!


West Plaines Update (Mike Sisco) - Jul 23rd, 2018

Our annual B-tier is THIS SAT!! We are less than 2 hours from Mtn View and less than 1.5 from Calico Rock! BOTH rounds this year will be at the JMB and everyone's efforts have gone into getting this one course ready! If you are an Am Disc Golf Monkey Tournaments have a reputation for being the best Am payout tournament around and often fill up, so please register online if you can: (also, there will be flex start doubles for anyone showing up a day early on Fri)

The 1st Dragon Ridge Open Recap - May 28th, 2018

The 1st Dragon Ridge Open sponsored by Discmania (the tours newest tour sponsor) in Camdenton, Missouri was impressive to say the least. This course was installed a few years back and was a site that many wanted a tournament to be held at. Unfortunately some city ordinances and other obstacles wouldn’t allow it. Thankfully Larry Bennett, head of the Camdenton Parks Department called and asked how we could make it happen this year. He mentioned that the Mayor wanted to make it happen and the rest so they say is history as The Friday Flex Start Doubles started a fun beginning to this tournament. Saturday came and the field was maxed with 90 players in attendance. As bad as I wanted to play my favorite public course in Missouri, I chose to bow out allowing everyone who showed up the opportunity to play. Hearing all the compliments and thank you’s was worth the decision!

As mentioned earlier, Discmania was the major sponsor at this event as they were the company that was used for the Players Pack. The awesome custom disc, designed by Gary Braman (Camdenton’s Dragon Ridge course designer/installer), was a huge hit along with the stainless steel Hydro Flask. Huge props to Discmania for making it all happen.

Despite knowing that there were a lot of people wanting an event at Dragon Ridge, I really didn’t know if we’d get the turn out that we did. The weatherman’s “doom and gloom” forecast predicting torrential down pours and thunderstorms all day proved to be nothing more than just more pathetic guesses by the Ozarks team of meteorologists. With the temperatures reaching 90+, a Down poor would have been welcomed by many. Hot and humid, through the Ridge made for an extremely long and tough day.

There were eight divisions making up the field of 90. The biggest talk was the huge Pro field of 24 that includes several well known players: George Smith (Columbia, MO), Zackeriath Johnson (St. Louis), and one of the top 10 rated players currently in the world and former USDGC Champion Nikko Lecastro. Local hero, Jeff Renner (Springfield, MO) proved that it was his day shooting two solid rounds of 50 taking a convincing win by 5 over 2nd place finisher Jake Hebenheimer (Jefferson City). Incredible Job Jeff! Congratulations!! In a very close 3 way tie for 3rd shooting 2 down, one stroke off of Jakes pace were: Zack Johnson, Adam Morrison (Jefferson City), and Camdenton’s young gun River Flagg (16 year old)! The rest of the cashing pros were: George Smith (6th), Cody Prugger and Buddy LaRue (Tie for 7th), Nikko LaCastro and Allen Hooper (Tie for 9th) and 11th place was Nate Heinold.

There were 4 pro women as well! Brandy Monnahan of Lebanon, held off young local Mariah Flagg by 6 strokes shooting a 129 total. The other contestants were Millie Cowgill (3rd place), and Amanda McCleod (4th Place). Thanks for coming out and great job Brandy on the win!

The Advanced field was 19 strong and was a very tight battle at the top of the leader board. Andrew Griffith held on for the win shooting a 113. Trevor Erickson’s (of Springfield) 56 second round surge pulled him within one tying Chris Thompson (Jeff City) for second. Toby Rector was only two off finishing 4th. Nice battle guys!

The Advanced Masters division (over 40), had 4 players. Only 5 strokes separated 1st from 4th. Kevin Carder started hot with a 59, but the course took revenge as he took a 66 the second round. This tied Josh Goodwin who also shot a 125. Course designer and installer Gary Braman, shot a 128. Mike Abbott’s consistency proved to be key for the win shooting a 61 and a 62. Well done Mike, and enjoy that basket!

The 50 and over division (Advanced Grandmasters) had the minimum 3 players that are needed to make up a division. Tom Butler (Kansas City), Jon Parsons (Marshall) and Brad Hilton (Lebanon) finished in the order listed. Tom Butler killed the field shooting a 115 that was good enough for a 6 stroke win. Stellar job and great job on the 100th PDGA win Tom!

Sixteen players made up the Intermediate field. Will Ward proved victorious shooting a 53 and a 59 to win by three over Chase Luster’s 115 total. Kevin Free and Micah Noble were tied 4 back from the winning score. Will’s awesome 53 first round was definitely the difference in this division. Great seeing you guys battle it out. Keep up the great work/play.

The Recreational Division looked like there would be a slugfest after 3 players shot 61’s and one shot a 62 in the first round. Apparently Michael Luster had other ideas as he scorched a 56 taking the win by 7 strokes over Dallas Whittle. 3rd place was taken by Brian Lansford two stokes off Dallas. Great job Michael. I’m thinking the Lusters are going to be moving up!

Three ladies made up the Rec women field: Candie “The Teacher” Luster, Renee Nelson, and Shay Lillard. The Teacher was the only one in the group to shoot in the 70’s, as she shot 76 in the first round giving her a 6 stroke lead. She added two more to her lead with an 81 in the second round finishing 157. Renee put up a very consistent and respectable 82 and 83. Shay debuted at one of the hardest public course around and finished. Keep playing, learning and having fun! Congratulations Candie on your victory...move up!!

The 1st Dragon Ridge Open was a huge success. Maxing out the field with 90 players should convince the city of Camdenton that it was worth the investment. I’m hoping that this event becomes an annual tournament. Thank you all for coming out and being a part. I hope to see you all in June at the Jared Hilton Memorial in Lebanon, Missouri.

Aces to you!

The Elephant & Castle’s 6th Annual North Ark Open - Sponsored by Dynamic Discs - May 15th, 2018

The Elephant & Castle 6th Annual North Ark Open Recap

Teaming with the Harrison Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVC) has made the North Ark Open one of the best events on the tour. The head, Matt Bell, who I simply call “The Boss” was the man that contacted me initially. Over seven years ago, he called and had me go before a board and “pitch the sale” of the course on the North Ark campus. It didn’t take much persuading as all the members were eager to bring disc golf to Harrison. The same year we planted the course, the Finale was held there. It too was funded by the CVC. A lot has been invested by the CVC and after talking with Matt after each event, he is proud of the course and the continued support from players that continue to make this event a must on the Disc Golf Monkey Tour.

More and more you continue to see Elephant & Castle as a sponsor and often a title sponsor for the Disc Golf Monkey Tour events. Doug Bowen, is an outdoor man’s man. Thankfully, along with his love and passion for hunting and his fascination and business dealing with all ranges of firearms, he also loves the sport of disc golf. He has played for years and continues to compete in tournaments & leagues. He is a competitor and pulls off some wins from time to time! I wanted to give a big shout out to Doug and Elephant & Castle. Thank you first for your true friendship, second for believing in what DGM continues to do, and last supporting both emotionally and monetarily. Thanks so much my friend!

The North Ark Open never seems to disappoint. We had another maxed out field with 4 extra players totaling 94. From the second I drove up I was completely amazed how absolutely beautiful this course is. I pulled up Friday, just after the noon hour and ran into the head maintenance man who had just finished mowing. He said that they had spent a little extra time on the course this year, and it showed. Two thumbs up for the remarkable course prep by the North Ark maintenance/grounds crew.

The weather matched the beauty of the course. Reaching the mid 80’s for both the doubles Friday and the main event on Saturday, it was awesome disc golf weather. The breeze kept it from being too hot. It was mostly sunny with some occasional clouds. After the start of this season, the warm weather was welcomed by nearly everyone.

Normally I start with the lower divisions and work my way up, but this tournament was the “Hot Pretzel” Show. By now everyone knows the formally know Andrew Preznell is now known as The Pretzel! This truly was the Pretzel show as he simply annihilated the 20 hole course as he blistered a 24 down! He buttered up and added a little salt to the course as he made incredible drives and lights out putts players said. It was as if the trees, hills, and everything around him were chanting Pretzel, Pretzel, Pretzel! His 49 first round and 51 was more than enough to “twist up” Kyle Webster (the second place finisher) as he said after the round. Kyle, shot an amazing 21 down and would have won handily if it had not been for the Pretzel being on Fire.

There were a total of 9 divisions including the Open division. Advanced was a battle between to well known players in the area. John McCain and Jonathan Cook shot the same scores both rounds to set up a sudden death tie break. Starting on hole one (a very up hill flick hole for a righty), McCain went first throwing a very nice flick that was pin high and about 30’ out. Cook came up a little short with his side arm drive landing in the rough with nothing but a lay up available. He was able to execute the jail break to get his par. McCain had a good look, but shorted his putt moving them to hole 2. McCain hit an early tree on his drive as Cook crushed a drive passed the Basket that looked to be 75+’ passed. McCain had a bad upshot allowing Cook to throw a simple lay up forcing McCain to make a near impossible putt. Cook tapped in for his par and McCain took second with his bogie. Great job guys. (I believe you can view the play off on Kyle Webster’s FB page)

Other winners included:
* Cameron Gantz winning by 6 in the Advanced Master Division
* Ray Preznell winning by 5 in the Grand Master Division (great job pop)
* Zachary Roberts won Intermediate in a tie break over Eli Webb (there score was 2 better than the 3rd place scores)
* Cheyenne Garner won beating Mary Abbott in Intermediate Women
* The Sandy Bagger Award was given to Tyler “Sandy” Batton who shot a 56 in the first round who bested Doug Bowen by 6. MOVE UP SANDY!!
* Starla Carter won in the Recreational Women Division
* Aiden Carter took the Junior win in a field of 3

Congratulations to all winners, and thanks to everyone who made it out! See you in two weeks at Dragon Ridge in Camdenton, MO!

Pictures were a look from the top of the course near hole 8... epically beautiful!!

The 1st Lost Woods Open sponsored by Dynamic Discs - Apr 23rd, 2018

The First Lost Woods Open sponsored by Dynamic Discs Recap

I want to start by saying thanks to Matt Shockey and his family and staff at the Lost Woods Golf Course. This place is simply amazing. Great course, great people, a very impressive club house, with a restaurant and bar that puts out tasty quality food at a great price, and brought to you with a smile! These guys are the real deal and are something special. If you have not played the Lost Woods yet grab you a buddy or buddies and get down there. Right now you can still play the 18 set up. I can’t say for sure how long it will be available, but once that is gone they will still offer 11 great holes (thanks to one donated by Andre “It’s all Good”) that are permanently out there! Also, keep your fingers crossed as we may get a full 18 out there soon!

Friday there were only 5 teams in Dubs. 2 in Open and 3 in Am. We had quite a scare as Will’s Partner Matt Hitt had a seizure that lead to a head injury. He had a rough night as it was reported he fell again while in the hospital. The good news is, his wife messaged and said that Matt is doing much better.

The scores for Dubs:
1st - (46) Jeff/Andre $60
2nd - (55) Savage/Nicholus
1st - (56) Chris Dangler/Devon $60
2nd - (61) Andrew/Caleb

Despite the threat of poor weather all week, we were blessed with no rain even though the radar showed a wall of rain that we were in the path of. The 1st round did start out cold, cloudy, with some gusts of wind. Despite less than desirable weather in the beginning, it warmed up rather quickly and the wind died down after the first few holes. The second round was sunny, warmer, and the daily afternoon winds came back making the second round a bit harder to control shots.

There were 52 players that made up a 9 Division field. The course was beautiful, and very well groomed like it was at the Finale. Matt Shockey and family keep the course and the club house looking great. There was quite a mix of holes. With the longest measuring 810’ (one of the 6 par 4’s) and the shortest being only 156’, there was something for everyone. The par 60 course was established after the tourney as we looked at scores and discussed the layout. Initially I wanted a par 5 on the 810 number 5, but the map was made before I could change it and I didn’t want to cause confusion. It just gives us a reason to have another Lost Woods event!!

There were three divisions that only had one person competing, but I am thankful that they came and played any way! Brandy Monnahan, Braydon Thorburn, and Candie Luster thanks for coming out and I’ll try to get you some competition at the next one.

The Recreational Division was taken by Andre Anderson by 5 strokes over Will Thorburn who was 2nd by a stroke over Dustin Jones. Andre jumped out to a 3 stroke lead and added 2 to cushion his lead and win in the second round. Dustin however made a big comeback as he matched Will’s first round 66 to get with in one. Looked like a lot of fun fellas!

The Women’s Intermediate Division was a tie after the 1st round as both ladies (Mary Abbott and Cheyenne Garner) shot a pair of 77’s. Mary then poured it on winning by 5 improving her first round score by 2. Great job ladies and thanks for playing.

The Intermediate Division was dominated by Drake Grimm and Jarrod Harmon who both ended the day leading by double digits over there competition. Despite Jarrod’ 1 stroke lead after the first round, Drake’s 59 bumped him to a three stroke lead as Jarrod shot a 63. On a course like this, and shooting these scores, you guys may want to think about a jump to Advanced as both of you would have finished in the top 3 there. Great shooting and congratulations... now move up!! 🙂

The Advanced Masters Division was destroyed by Rick Wagoner, who bested the 2nd place road warrior, Jon Parsons by a dozen. Rick’s final score of -1 would have put him in a tie for 3rd in Advanced. Look out for this guy. Rick is moving up quickly. Great job!! The real battle in this division was for second place, as Jon Parsons, Mike Abbott, and Kevin Carder were only separated by one stroke. Great job to each of you.

The Advanced field, made up of eleven players was taken down by Brion Lamar. Brion’s blistering 54, in the second round, gave him a total score of -7. It was a come from behind win over the always tough John McCain, who shot a -5. Michael Pfeifer also played well shooting the 3rd and only other sub par round in the division (-1). I see more battles between these guys in the very near future.

The Open Division was won by Jeff Renner. Shooting a very impressive -19 with the hot round 49 followed by a 52, it made for a convincing win. Cory Anderson’s 51 first round was super solid and kept him in the hunt for the lead, but Renner pulled away in the second round. James Loveall and Kyle McClure took the other cashing spots in Open. Congratulations to all of you!!

Some added high lights:
* there was an Ace on the 156’ elevated Basket by Eddie Nylund who took home some good cash.
* the Abbotts won the basket in the raffle
* Dustin Jones broke out some shorts that should never be worn in public that some how helped him be the big winner in the Ring of Fire.

The only disappointment was that “Harold”, our snapping turtle, did not make an appearance... I have thought of a way to remedy that possibly making the next custom disc hot stamp with Harold as the star!

Thank you, and see you all in May...Good luck if you are going to the GBO!!!

Elephant & Castles Disc’n for Cheetahs Recap - Apr 15th, 2018

My apologies for the delay on the Recap of the Disc’n for Cheetahs event.

There were seventy four players this year that embarked on the lightly snow covered Grubaugh Disc Golf Course in Ozark, MO. It goes without saying that it was a super cold start. It looked like a scene from an Ice Bowl, but the problem was it was April 7th!

Matthew Cory and volunteers from the Dickerson Park Zoo came early and sat up. Unfortunately no animals could be brought out because of the weather. It is always awesome to see this group come and help out every year. Despite a smaller field this year more money was raised than last year. $1,570 will be going to the Cheetah Habitat in Kenya. A mission accomplished despite the elements! From everyone involved Thank You all for the huge support on the Raffle! Next year we are gong to try and make this event a B Tier. Planning and date changes may occur as there was a lot of golf going on around the area.

There were 9 divisions this year. It’s alway great seeing women and Juniors out. I’d like to say thanks to Mary Abbott, Meagan Brooks, and Brayden Thorburn for playing despite being the only ones in their divisions. That is saying a lot in those conditions. Along with them there was a large Rec field (29). The division was taken by the title sponsor Doug Bowen of Elephant and Castle, in a one shot come from behind win over Chris Huffman. Great battle fellas.

Intermediate had 19 players and judging by the scores looked to be one of the two tightest battles in all the divisions. Only 2 strokes separated 4th from 1st and second was only a shot out of first. Congrats to Winner Drake Grimm, second place Dylan Clinkenbeard, and 3rd place finishers Don Fite and Dennis Dupree. What a finish!

There were just enough players to make a division in both the Masters and Grand Masters (3 each). Brad Hilton lowered the boom on his friends Tadge and Robert shooting a 4 down which was 7 better than second...way to be Bud Man! The Masters division couldn’t have been any closer only one stroke separated the tie for second and first as Tony Hamilton made his come back shooting a two down total. His two down would be good enough to hold off Kevin Carder and Mike Abbott’s pair of one unders.

The Advanced field was made up of 10 players. Adam Barton destroyed the field shooting a -15 (Do we have a possible player moving up to Pro soon?). Matthew Corey’s 8 under was good enough for second that held off a pair of 7’s by Dustin Lankford and Brian Lamar.

Open was dominated by the opening putt by Doug Wiegand. After shanking Hole 1 that seemed like a definite par, Doug simply threw in a 100+ foot birdie. After hitting multiple trees or going through them and still parking the holes it was clear he was destined for the win. As Porter stated he simply “Doug’d It”! Great playing my friend. It was fun. He cruised into a 5 stroke lead over Dasun Keyler of Springdale.

Working with the Dickerson Park Zoo has proved to be both unique and a lot of fun.
I hope to see you at this event next year as we continue to help the Cheetah Habitat in Kenya. On behalf of the Dickerson Park Zoo and the Cheetah Habitat of Kenya Thanks for your continued support!

The Lucky 13 Recap - Mar 21st, 2018

Lucky 13 Recap

The Elephant & Castle’s 10th Annual Lucky 13 was another packed out fun event delivering a little bit of weather that it has come to be known for (cold and windy). 95 players were in attendance playing 18 holes, which forced a ghost card to get everyone in. Despite the extra players the tournament ran smooth and the rounds were only a little over two hours each.

The first round’s cloud cover, cold, and windy conditions seemed to keep scores a little higher than normal except for the leaders of coarse. There was quite a battle in the Open field which I had the privilege of playing with the 10th Annual Lucky 13 Champion, Josiah Durham. Josiah played very good and consistent not letting a few arrant shots rattle him. Apparently, he continued more of the same as he battled off one of Missouri’s best, George Smith of Columbia, MO. Also, playing steady both rounds was Mike Porter and making a surge was Cody Prugger. Great rounds fellas!

Looking at the scores, the Masters had quite a battle between local Ray Preznell and Jeff City’s Stan Balke with only a 2 stroke win by Ray. On top in Advanced and no surprise for either, were John McCain and Toby Rector. The second round proved to be the decider as John shot a 48 to Toby’s 50. Great battles!

Other highlights and winners include: $600 will be sent to EDGE thanks to all of you who took part in the raffle. This is an absolutely great start for the season. Other Winners included:
Brandy Monnahan (Open Women), Bradly Brown over Rick Waggoner by 5 in Intermediate, Mary Abbott (Int Women), Kevin Feldbaumer over Doug Bowen by several despite the $350 Ace by Doug (the tournaments Title Sponsor), Candy Luster (Rec Women), and Braydon Thornburn (Junior). Congratulations to all winners and players that cashed!

Every year I am so thankful for the opportunity to run an event at The Lucky 13 course at Miller Park. Jared Keeling and Kris Parks and their staff are incredible and keep everything looking new. I hope that all of you who get a chance to play there regularly will take the time to thank them.

If you notice the bottom of
The back of your shirt is printed:

In memory of Nick Arbeitman

Just so you all know he is the son to the owner of Fimco Steel, who has sponsored the tournament for years. He was a disc golfer amongst other things and I was able to play and battle with him in many tournaments in the early 90’s. He passed in his sleep earlier this year. To all who knew him and to his family, he will always be remembered at this event. Keep Soaring High Nick, you are missed!

Until next time aces, birdies, and lots of fun to you all!

Presidential Cup III Recap - Feb 20th, 2018

I want to start by saying that despite my lap top being stolen, my team was able to get the official TD Report turned in before the PDGA dead line that was today. This way all you point and ratings watchers will hopefully be helped by this event. If there are any errors simply message me and I will call the PDGA and get them straightened up. See Results Here:

This year’s Presidential Cup III changed venues. For all of those that are curious of how it came about, this was a trial for a possible pay to play course. The owners are hesitant because they didn’t realize the popularity. I told Scott we could design a course and have a tourney and see how it went. I told him he could ask players if they would pay to play if it were permanent. Needless to say you guys rocked by not only coming out but making a great impression on Scott and his dad. They definitely like the idea and are more on the side of getting it done, but as I told several of you, the biggest delay is that he will have to put a $50,000 net up to protect disc golfers.

I know the course was short and there were some tough lines, but we didn’t want to cut to much until Spring so we could see what it looks like. Also, when it goes in permanently there will be grass in the mud pit area and a mando on hole four forcing the shot up the middle and the Widow Maker limbs will be removed.

As everyone kind of figured the weather was a factor and reeked havoc on the course and players. Rain made the gripping the plastic tough, but the mud was an even bigger issue. Slippery slopes and weighted down shoes made for what seemed like longer rounds than they actually were. The second round saw less rain but more wind.

There were 10 divisions including a 50+ and a 8 and under. It’s exciting to see the wide range of players that continue to battle it out on the course. This sport just has something draws you to become better and want get together with your friends making memories/bragging rights. It seemed like.

Winners included Mary Abbott over Eziel Saret by 5 (130) Wn Int
Candie Luster Wn Rec (142) having one round rated nearly 100 better than her rating
Isaiah Moore <8 (98 one round)
Forrest Barnard over Matt Baker by 4 (107) Rec
Rick Waggoner with a (106) over Zach Carrier by 4 in Int
There was a battle in the 50+ division. Robert Covert one the tie break over Ray Preznell. (114)
In the Advanced was another great battle between the winner by one Adam Barton and the always tough John McCain. Adam held John off by 1 shooting a (99)
The Open division was similar to the advanced finish. Jeff Renner took it with a (95) only one better than David Christie.

To all others who cashed congrats as well.

I want to thank Gateway Disc Sports for the Players packs. I’d also like to thank: Jonathan Cook, Derek Norris, Blaise Horseman, Christine West, Kevin Carder, Parker Asay, Kyle McClure, and Jake Whitehead, and Conner Brooks for the use of there baskets. Also, to everyone who helped with the behind the scenes things like Basket pick up, carrying tee pad mats and much more...thanks a bunch.

On behalf of Scott Kissling and Swing Right Golf, thanks for coming out and playing this temporary lay out!

Disc Golf Monkey “Make Disc Golf Great Again Tour” 2017 - The Recap - Feb 13th, 2018

Last year was my 9th year of running a consecutive tour. This is mind blowing because running a “10 year in a row tour” seemed like a long shot in our area. Little did I know that there would be people who would not only come out to support, but invest their time, money, hard work and even sacrifice a lot of home/family time to make these tours continue to happen year after year. To all of you who have chosen to be a part of this journey you are truly appreciated members of the Ozark Disc Golf Family that I am thankful and proud to be a part of. To each and every one of you who have played, continue to play, and will play more events in the future, thank you for making each year bigger and better. As the slogan loosely borrowed from President Trump suggests, you have made disc golf great again this year just like previous years! Just as our country remains great year after year, so have our disc golf tournaments been. I am thankful to live in this country where we are free to play this great sport we are fanatics about! Fly on Old Glory and keep your Discs Flying too!

With nearly twenty stops on the tour in Missouri and Arkansas it was quite a ride.
Last year we had a huge year breaking many records and raising the bar in our area for tournaments. 2017 saw a rise in the average players per PDGA event, 102. This was up from well under 100. Our largest growing event of the year was the Jared Hilton Memorial in Lebanon, MO. The event grew by 32 players pulling off 137 players. In Harrison Arkansas, the North Ark Open continues to overfill where we have to add holes to accommodate every year the event has been held. The tour raised $8,500 for different charities in the area that included, two food pantries (Heart of the Hills in Ava, MO and L-Life in Lebanon, MO), we also helped Freedom’s Rest (which is a women and children’s shelter), we also helped a local youth baseball team during our Dale Roberts Memorial tournament. This would have made Dale proud as he was a big fan of both youth and baseball. For the second year we helped our local zoo with the Cheetah Habitat project in our Disc’n for Cheetahs II event that is held at Grubaugh Park in Ozark, MO. Our largest and new record breaking charity amount was $3,810 to the Educational Disc Golf Experience (EDGE). This is up $810 from last year when we were the number one contributor for a tour. We also had 6 events over 100 players. This is an awesome stat because most of these events only have one eighteen hole course to play on. As always the 4 States Open continues to be our largest event bringing in almost 230 players to the Joplin, MO area. We also had 21 female players at our Monkey Trap Open in Springdale, AR. To say that we made disc golf great again this year is an understatement. The Ozark Disc Golf Family continues to “Grow the Sport”.

There is so much that goes into a tournament as many of you know. Getting course approval, making sure the course is tournament ready, sanctioning the event, setting up pre registration, ordering players packs, making sure they are done in time, collecting and sorting prizes, sponsor gathering, proper paper work for the day of, then there is the day of the event things that are done behind the scenes. Multiply this times 20 and it can make for a wild and crazy, and sometimes stressful ride. None of this can be done without sponsors. Because I have sponsors from every city/town that I run an event in, I couldn’t possibly list them all without missing some. Just know that if you are reading this and you are a sponsor your help is priceless and not only does Disc Golf Monkey appreciate your partnership and help, but the players are thankful as well. I hope that all of DGM’s sponsors find the efforts taken to promote your company on tour are above average. If we can do more within reason let us know.

As we head into the 2018 season and prepare for the 10th consecutive tour, we stay focused on trying to make each year better than the previous. How long can we continue to do so is strictly based on how long people continue to believe in and support the events. This Year’s Gettin’ It Done Tour 2018 has big shoes to fill, but I have no doubts that together (players, sponsors, clubs, cities, churches, and parks & recreational departments) will all come together and make it happen again. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, possible sponsorship help or leads, please contact me through my website or on Disc Golf Monkey’s Facebook page.

I hope to see you at as many of you on the upcoming Gettin’ It Done Tour 2018 as possible! Love, Aces, and Deuces to all of you!!!

Ava Ice Recap - Feb 13th, 2018

Courtesy of Nick Helm:
Ice Bowl 2018 by the numbers: 6 aces, 46 player's, 56°F, 145 food items and $575. Many thanks go out to our Disc Golf family for their continued support of the Heart of the Hills Food Pantry and Thrift Store!

It was definitely a beautiful day for disc golf. With clear blues skies, a steady but manageable wind, and highs near 60, it couldn’t have been much better. There were 46 players played in Ava at the 4th Annual Bear Hollow Ice Bowl. There were 6 Aces, and some insane scores: 76, 77, 80, & 87 topped the Open field. A big congratulations to Andrew Preznell and Jeff Renner. Also, it was fun playing along side Mark Anderson trying to hang with the young stud ducks! It’s awesome seeing these guys play! Also, to all the other winners great job.

A special thanks to all who pitched in to help. Nick Helm, R Owen Covert, Jef Swinney, Chris Dangler, and anyone else who helped in any way.


Disc Golf Monkey's "Gettin' It Done Tour" 2018 - Jan 17th, 2018

This year’s “Gettin It Done Tour 2018” is just about to get started. This is the 10th consecutive tour! As with the last 3 year’s, Nick Helm and I have teamed to have the Ice Bowl in Ava on the 27th of January. This will again be the kick off. It has been quite a winter already with some nice days and some brutally freezing days. If the forecast holds its calling for very moderate temps for the first event of this season at the Bear Hollow Course in Ava.

This year’s tour dates have been approved by the state coordinators. There is one date that we are in the process of deciding to leave the date the same or move it. This is the Marshall Open and it is marked with an “*”. There are also several courses being planted and I expect at least 2 of these will want tournaments once installs are completed. Definitely look for additions through out the year.

This year’s logo was done by a new friend of mine on the east coast named Steve De Jong. Steve was able to catch a little darker monkey that may seem angry, but honestly it’s just exactly how I have felt for two years battling my knee injury. The look is that of a monkey tired of hurting, a competitive hungry monkey, ready to get back to form, and ready to Get It Done! I hope some of you can relate and will make this your Gettin’ It Done Tour as well.

DGM’s “Gettin’ It Done Tour Tour 2018” Schedule

27th - 4th Annual Bear Hollow Ice Bowl - Ava, MO

17th - 3rd Annual Presidential Cup - Springfield, MO

24th - Lebanon Ice Bowl 10 - Lebanon, MO

17th - 10th Annual Lucky 13 - Republic, MO

7th - Discn’ for Cheetahs III - Springfield, MO

21st - The 1st Lost Woods Open - Theodosia, MO

12th - 6th Annual North Ark Open - Harrison, AR

16th - 8th Annual Jared Hilton Memorial - Lebanon, MO

30th - 5th Annual 8 Up Independence Day Doubles - Springfield, MO

7th - 9th Annual Monkey Trap Open - Springdale, AR

14th - Taney Como Throw Down - Branson, MO

29th West Plains Open - West Plains, MO

25th Little Big Show - Neosho, MO

8th - 12th Annual Dale Roberts Memorial - Nixa, MO

29th - 13th Annual 4 States Open - Joplin, MO

13th - 30th Annual October Friz - Winfield KS

*20th 7th Annual Marshall Open - Marshall, MO

3rd 10th Annual DGM Finale - TBA

15th Winter Blast - To benefit the CCFCC

*Date pending

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  • Dynamic Discs
  • Intuitive Body Works & Massage
  • Fossa
  • Millennium golf discs
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