The 1st True Life Presidential Cup by Gateway Recap - Feb 24th, 2016

The 1st True Life Presidential Cup was unbelievable. With temperatures nearly reaching 80, a sold out field, and a course that has never looked better all made it as close to a perfect tournament as possible in February!

The tournament started on Friday with a record smashing 50 player field with 10 Pro Teams and 15 Am Teams! For a one day tournament on the Monkey Tours there has never been this large of a turnout for doubles. The Flex Start event started at 2:00 and there were many in attendance well before that practicing.

In the pro division, Trevor E. & TJ Hahn put together a stellar 12 down 42 that just barely held off Jeff Beth and Aaron Merideth by a stick! Blaise & Craig played great too in the Am division carding a 44. Warren & Blake were only one off the pace.
Great job to these groups and all the other teams that cashed!

On Saturday the True Life course again played very tough with some new changes, some fun wind, and the dreaded OB. There were only 7 out of 88 players that finished under par.

Bradley Brown was the only Junior and played well turning in a 127. I'd say his first tournament was a fun one.

The Rec division was a battle! Only one stroke separated the top four places with Tim Cleland finishing 4th, Billy Pendegrass 3rd, Jeff Salkil in 2nd, and Ray Renner taking the crown turning in a 117. Great Job guys!

The Intermediate division was owned by CJ Bias shooting a -3 (one of only 7 players who shot under for the day). He may need to look into another division as his score would have won in all division but open (and would have tied for 6th in it!). Great playing. CJ, See you in Open soon??

Staci Healey was our only Intermediate lady. We hope to get you a little competition next time!

In the Advanced Grand Masters Division it was a two horse pony show. The Clydesdale, Brad Hilton, bested Stan Balke of Jeff City by one stoke in each round. 114 and a 116 were great scores. Awesome battle and I'm sure this matchup will be fun to watch throughout the year.

Advanced Masters was taken down by the Preacher Nick DeRosa. Zack Feltenstein was 4 off the pace taking 2nd over Kevin Carder. Great win Preacher.

In the largest field in the tournament, the Advanced division, there was another great battle. This match up was also determined by a stroke. The Red Hot Jon McCain shot an even 54 which held off Toby Rector who carded a 55 and Chris Cleland was only one off Toby. This is another great matchup that is going to be fun to watch this season.

In the Women's Open division we had 3 ladies. Tara Why, Mariah Flagg, and Christine West. These ladies battled in the first round and it was very close with Tara and Mariah tied with 70's and Christine only a few back with 73. The second round Tara took control shooting a hot 61 to win by 9. Mariah finished 2nd with Christine pulling with in 2. Great job ladies!

The 17 Player field Open division was crazy with 5 players separated by 1 or 2 strokes after the first round. The second round was tough with Jeff Renner and myself exchanging birdies and par saves when needed. Jeff caught me on hole 14 as I fell short on my second shot landing behind the dreaded evergreen and made a bogie 4 as he made his par. On the the long hole 15 (my least favorite hole), I watched as 4 guys nearly half my age threw twice as far as I did giving them all chances for the birdie. Putting my upshot a few feet away allowed me stay in it as the birdies were not made. All are card birdied hole 16 and no one birdied 17 (crazy how this sport can be). We were still tied and both birdied 18. So this is how the play off was set.

Jeff went first flicking a good low shot that stayed a little wide and did a quick little roll nearly out of bounds but circled in. I threw a similar shot only more at the target. It skipped and hit the front of the basket and some how rolled and stayed in. Both our putts were about the same distance, only they were on opposite sides of the hill. Jeff and I discussed that the people watching wanted to see putts, and that they did. Hole two Jeff turned what I believe was a midrange over into OB. I through out wide avoiding the OB. Jeff's drop shot was dead on line. 4 feet higher and we would probably still be playing. I laid up and tapped in for my par and won by one. Jeff you are a great player and person. It was a pleasure playing a few bonus holes with you.

The Raffle was a success. All of you who contributed helped to pay off more of the course. It has been so exciting watching how this course has started. Just a small vision, and now it has grown into something special.

Pastor Nick, from all of us, thank you for letting us be a part of your vision!

To all of you thanks for playing and the support. See you in Lebanon!

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