The 10th Annual Jared Hilton Memorial Recap - Jun 16th, 2020

The 10th Annual Jared Hilton Memorial was again fortunate to have Missouri Eagle and Elephant & Castle as dual title sponsors. The continued support is much appreciated. Events like this one, that continue to bring in players from all over, shows how special the JHM really is. On behalf of The Hilton Family and the Lebanon Parks & Rec thank you both for your generosity and support.

It has been a long time leading up to this event. The uncertainty of even having the JHM was nerve racking. Being able to open the event to 144 was a bonus, as the City of Lebanon allowed this to be possible. Despite several people withdrawing late, players were there and ready to fill those spots. Another maxed field continues to show that our sport and our region is a hot spot for disc golf!

There were 12 divisions represented by the 144 player field. The two 18 hole course (the Jared Hilton Memorial & Winfrey) were both used as the field was split into two pools. The A pool played Winfrey in the morning while the B pool took on the JHM. After completing the 2nd round on the JHM, I almost think I would have rather played them in reverse order because the sun seemed extra brutal on during the second round.

There were definitely changes at this event because of the Covid problem. The major one was on live scoring. This proved to be amazing and will likely be the norm. A big thanks to my DGM crew for helping make this transition almost to easy. Having to sign waivers was not the best, and pay out was slow, but we have some ideas to speed this up in the future.

The results can be found here:

A big shout out to Andrew Preznell for destroying both courses and the field with a -23 win in the Open Division.

Other Winners included:
Brandy Monnahan +10 WPO
Russ Burns -11 MPO
Creighton Temirius -12 MA1
Esmeralda Dodson +17 FA1
Dan Newlin -4 MA40
Mary Abbott +20 FA40
Tim Wilson -3 MA50
Michael O Luster -3 MA2
Tina Gilltrap +21 FA2
Ryan Burns +1 MA3
Laura Lee Bentle +40 FA3

Great job to all and to all other players that cashed!

As always, Brad Hilton came through giving away thousands of dollars worth of stuff in the raffle. Over $1,800 was brought in. This will no doubt be a huge help in bringing in disc golf into another school in our area. Initial talks have mentioned Lakewood School District as a possible recipient. Last year’s money raised went toward the installment of the course at Conway Highschool. Thanks everyone for taking the time and opening your wallets to support the growth of our sport.

The 2020 Vision Tour is back on track. Thanks so much for making the 10th Annual JHM such a success. We’ll see some of you at 8 Up doubles followed by the CYCLEBAR presents: The 1st Ozark’s Dam Open in Forsyth, MO.

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