The Year of the Monkey Tour 2016 - Jan 22nd, 2016

Today at 11:53 PM
Many of you have been asking about my tour schedule and now it is time to bring in the Year of the Monkey Tour 2016 Calendar As you can see at the bottom there are still a few tourneys pending dates. There will more than likely be a tournament in October. I will repost as soon as the date(s) are confirmed.

As Disc Golf continues to Boom, it was more difficult than ever to organize and schedule a tour. Thanks to all cities, clubs, churches, and Co- TD's for your cooperation and letting DGM be a part of your tournaments. Also, a big shout out to Michael Glen Porter for helping me try to avoid bigger/local events. We did our best and we are ready to fly!

There are many Tour Sponsors again this year and negotiations are still being made. If you'd like to be a part in helping with the sponsorship of the Year of the Monkey Tour give me a shout out!

Make note that the first PDGA event is the True Life Presidential Cup. Notice that it will also be in Febrrrrrrrrruary. I was asked why I didn't have PDGA events in the winter, and I didn't have a good answer so Pastor Nick DeRosa and I brainstormed and scheduled one. It should be a fun kick off event. Registration is now open at Disc Golf Scene

I look forward to seeing you all this season. Thank you for another opportunity to provide events that offer players quality players packs, great payouts, and lots of fun!

I can't wait to let the discs Fly! See ya soon!

  • Innova Disc Golf
  • Elephant & Castle Fine Arms
  • Dynamic Discs
  • Patriots Gold and Silver LLC
  • Fossa
  • Creator Designs
  • Millennium golf discs
  • Discmania
  • Discs Unlimited
  • Intuitive Body Works & Massage
  • Greazy Dyes
  • Todd Exteriors, LLC
  • EDGE