Elephant & Castles Disc’n for Cheetahs Recap - Apr 15th, 2018

My apologies for the delay on the Recap of the Disc’n for Cheetahs event.

There were seventy four players this year that embarked on the lightly snow covered Grubaugh Disc Golf Course in Ozark, MO. It goes without saying that it was a super cold start. It looked like a scene from an Ice Bowl, but the problem was it was April 7th!

Matthew Cory and volunteers from the Dickerson Park Zoo came early and sat up. Unfortunately no animals could be brought out because of the weather. It is always awesome to see this group come and help out every year. Despite a smaller field this year more money was raised than last year. $1,570 will be going to the Cheetah Habitat in Kenya. A mission accomplished despite the elements! From everyone involved Thank You all for the huge support on the Raffle! Next year we are gong to try and make this event a B Tier. Planning and date changes may occur as there was a lot of golf going on around the area.

There were 9 divisions this year. It’s alway great seeing women and Juniors out. I’d like to say thanks to Mary Abbott, Meagan Brooks, and Brayden Thorburn for playing despite being the only ones in their divisions. That is saying a lot in those conditions. Along with them there was a large Rec field (29). The division was taken by the title sponsor Doug Bowen of Elephant and Castle, in a one shot come from behind win over Chris Huffman. Great battle fellas.

Intermediate had 19 players and judging by the scores looked to be one of the two tightest battles in all the divisions. Only 2 strokes separated 4th from 1st and second was only a shot out of first. Congrats to Winner Drake Grimm, second place Dylan Clinkenbeard, and 3rd place finishers Don Fite and Dennis Dupree. What a finish!

There were just enough players to make a division in both the Masters and Grand Masters (3 each). Brad Hilton lowered the boom on his friends Tadge and Robert shooting a 4 down which was 7 better than second...way to be Bud Man! The Masters division couldn’t have been any closer only one stroke separated the tie for second and first as Tony Hamilton made his come back shooting a two down total. His two down would be good enough to hold off Kevin Carder and Mike Abbott’s pair of one unders.

The Advanced field was made up of 10 players. Adam Barton destroyed the field shooting a -15 (Do we have a possible player moving up to Pro soon?). Matthew Corey’s 8 under was good enough for second that held off a pair of 7’s by Dustin Lankford and Brian Lamar.

Open was dominated by the opening putt by Doug Wiegand. After shanking Hole 1 that seemed like a definite par, Doug simply threw in a 100+ foot birdie. After hitting multiple trees or going through them and still parking the holes it was clear he was destined for the win. As Porter stated he simply “Doug’d It”! Great playing my friend. It was fun. He cruised into a 5 stroke lead over Dasun Keyler of Springdale.

Working with the Dickerson Park Zoo has proved to be both unique and a lot of fun.
I hope to see you at this event next year as we continue to help the Cheetah Habitat in Kenya. On behalf of the Dickerson Park Zoo and the Cheetah Habitat of Kenya Thanks for your continued support!

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