Finale Pre Registration Update - Oct 22nd, 2011

Pre Register list for the Finale is at 18 (7 more until the raffle for the Free Registration or Free night stay at the Hotel Seville or the Glass mini):

Brad Hilton, Chad Fisk, TJ Hahn, Kevin Carder, Russ Burns, Jake Whitehead, Randal Reisner, Kyle McClure, Stan Balke, Bill Grother, Jaysin Smith, Frank Hebert, Zach Jones, Michael Cory, Andrew Jinks, George Eudy, Jacob Whittington, Josh Hurt

  • Innova Disc Golf
  • Dynamic Discs
  • Intuitive Body Works & Massage
  • Fossa
  • Millennium golf discs
  • Elephant & Castle Fine Arms
  • Discmania