Presidential Cup VI Recap - Feb 16th, 2021

The Presidential Cup VI Recap

The Presidential Cup VI sponsored by Q102 and Dynamic Discs was held this past Saturday. In my near 30 years of play, I can’t recall playing a competition round in those extreme low temperatures. Starting out in single digits with “feels like” temperatures below zero was pretty brutal. Despite that craziness, 82 players braved the elements Saturday which I am sure will be remembered forever by all who played. We had several other tournament sponsors that helped with this one including Intuitive Body Works (Ashley Wright), Branson Trails (Teddy & Liz), The Cycle Bar (Jeromy & Megan), and Greazy Dyes (Chase Marcus). Thank you all so much for the support

It seemed all players had there own ideas on how to stay warm with every type of “stay warm” contraption available being used. I wanted to give a shout out to David Christie & Adam West for letting Scott Kisling come grab fire barrels and wooden crates to burn. These fire barrels were a hit, despite a few ruined pair of gloves and a jacket from what I heard. The bitter temperatures were accompanied by some wind that definitely cut through you. I’m glad I was a part of this experience, but I am ok with a one and done!

Scott Kisling did a remarkable job prepping for this tournament. Along with the fire barrels, he prepped the tee boxes the night before using a torch to melt any snow and ice and then put salt on all of them. I never slipped on a tee box. Well done Scott. He also marked OB’s real well with string paint and flags for visibility. A spot on the fence row was missed initially but painted in between rounds. The wooded holes look incredible with very few limbs lying around. There is no telling how many hours were out into all that was done. Great Job on all the course updates and preparation Scott. We thank you for a great place to play.

I want to thank Brian Kisling for his help in the morning prep as well. Also for his pot of chile. Brad Hilton and my mom also brought chile for lunch. This was a perfect answer for the cold.
A big shout out to Team Monkey for helping to make sure everything ran smooth and made sure we were out in a timely fashion. You all are the best and much appreciated.

A note from Scott Kisling:

“We would also like to thank the representative's from the Spfd Convention & Visitors Bureau and Spfd Sports Commission for coming to view and express their interest in the tournament. As well as KOLR 10 featuring the event in their news program. I want to thank everyone that signed up, played or not, for supporting Swing Right as we continue to improve our course for the disc golf community.” This is very exciting to have some support from the city and a local news station. Again, thanks for the hard work on the course as well as the promotion of course, tournament, and disc golf in general!!

The official results can be found here on the PDGA’s website:

Winners included the following:
Juniors - Wyatt Sorrel our only brave Junior

Rec Women - Julie Crouch who took a disc to the face and still came back and played the second round. Definitely winning the “Toughest Player Award”

Rec Men - 125 - Jon Randle edging out Christopher Pearson by two in a small comeback

Intermediate Men - 121 - Michael Cory by two who held off a young Drake Ford who put in a good charge in the second round

AM50 - 125 - Ray Presnell by 2 over Mike McBee who over came a 3 stroke deficit after round 1

Advanced - 117 - Sam Knopf by 2 breaking the 1st round tie with Paul Dingman

Open Women - 124 - Rebekah Kersey shooting well above her rating and wining handily

Open Men - 105 - Andrew Presnell shooting the hot rounds on a freezing day and winning by 5 over Loren Lewis

Hats off to all the winners and a big congratulations to all of you. This is an impressive win because of the elements. I hope to see you at the Ice Bowl in Lebanon on the 27th. Until then keep warm!!

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