2019 Recap and Bringing in the 2020 Vision Tour - Feb 6th, 2020

With the completion of the “Tear Down This Wall Tour” 2019, the Disc Golf Monkey has completed 11 consecutive disc golf tours with the support of many. Pushing closer to a monumental 150 Professional Disc Golf tournaments, it has been quite an adventure. So many awesome memories continue to be made with each and every event.

I can not go any further without recognizing my tour sponsors. My tour sponsors are incredible, and help give players a good players pack and a solid payout while also providing raffles that have given away over 125 baskets and so much more. Without the financial support of the following companies the DGM tour events wouldn’t be what they are. I also doubt we would be flying high into 2020 on our 12th consecutive tour without them. On behalf of the players and DGM, I thank all of you for your contributions: Elephant & Castle Fine Arms (Doug Bowen), Fossa (Parker Asay), Creator Designs (Dewayne Banner), Fimco Steel (The Arbeitman Family), Intuitive Body Works & Massage (Ashley Wright), Swing Right Golf (Scott Kisling), Innova Champion Discs (Zeb Campbell & Sara Nicholson), Dynamic Discs (Derek Savory), Millennium Golf Discs & Discs Unlimited (Dennis & Annetta Volshultz), Disc Mania (Chris Brubeck & Dana Vicich, and The Educational Disc Golf Experience (EDGE) (Jay Reading & David Shope). You all make the DGM Tour events extra special... Thank You!

Each year around this time I sit down and reflect on the previous year. I try to recap the highlights and give thanks to all who are involved. The truth is, there is no way to thank all the many people who make the events happen, nor can all the many great things 20+ tournaments brings be captured in a recap. So much is involved, and with every step a relationship is formed in hopes that the passion for the sport gets transferred to the new convert to our sport. Whether it be the local club, park director, city board, sponsor, private land owner, or the players, it is my goal to try and promote the sport we all love in the best way I can. I thank each and everyone who has ever taken part in an event of mine in any way. Your continued support has helped me do my part in making Disc Golf the best it can be in our area.

I believe this sport sells itself if given the opportunity, but in order to keep things going, it takes a lot of dedication and help. Without sponsors above events can’t be funded. Likewise, with out Team Monkey, the events would not run as smooth as they do. All of us on the Disc Golf Monkey Team take pride in how our events are run. From the sanctioning, to marketing, to the turning in of the TD report there is a crazy amount to do in-between. Some of you know this and others it’s not even a thought. Either way, my crew makes it look simple and for that I am grateful. Kyle McClure, Jacob Whitehead, Kevin Carder, Michael Corey, Dasun Keyler, Brandon Shields, and Jackson Bekemeier, all make me look much better than I am. Thank you guys for all the work you do both on the front lines and behind the scenes!

Being able to give back to those in need, and furthering disc golf are two of the best things the tour is able to do. The following is something that all players can share and be proud of! I’m always amazed how generous people are when helping the many charities throughout the year. It’s awesome to see that not even bad weather stops the support. Congratulations to all of you for contributing over $11,000 in contributions in 2019:

$150 Ava Ice
$1366 Lebanon Ice
$3000 Disc’n for Cheetah
$325 Angelia Given’s Hospital fund
$400 Willard Charity Program
$1575 Winter Blast
$4000 EDGE
$500 Angel Tree - Calico Elementary

The 2020 Vision Tour has already began with the 5th Annual Ava Ice Bowl. Nick Helm’s, Bear Hollow Ice Bowl was the 5th consecutive tournament in Ava. The next event is set for February 15th at Swing Right Golf. The Presidential cup V is again sponsored by Dynamic Discs and is featuring the 5K/10K Ace Challenge. It’s not every day you are provided a chance to win 5 or 10 thousand dollars. All someone needs to do is make a 300’ Ace to collect! This is the first PDGA sanctioned event of the year and is one of 20+ on the tour.

This year’s 2020 Vision Tour will hold its first 15th Annual event! The 4 States Open PDGA A Tier is the longest running event that I have been a part of. The Joplin Disc Golf Club has done amazing things over the years and has made this tournament a favorite to many. Along with 4 States, the Lebanon Ice Bowl, Lucky 13, Jared Hilton Memorial, Monkey Trap Open, Dale Roberts Memorial, Marshall Open, and the DGM Finale have all been around for 9 years or more. These staples on the tour have continued to bring in large crowds crowds and often maxing out the field. I’m definitely liking forward to running these events for years to come.

Along with the longest running events mentioned above, the tour has picked up some super cool events/venues. Calico Rock’s Peppersauce Alley Open, Forsyth’s Ozarks Beach Damn Open, and Hannah Hills Open are all welcomed additions to the tour. If you have not played these courses, mark the dates on your calendar because they are all unique and special courses. The Luster’s did not disappoint in welcoming me to Calico last year and I look forward to going back for this year’s Finale! Russell Rosencrans effort in persuading Randy Richardson (Ozark Beach Dam Plant Manager) to put in a course on the land was a dream come true for him. This course has also brought new elements to disc golf in the area. Water holes will be less scary if you play there often. Last, on this list is the amazing Hannah Hills. This course is my new favorite. The 18th basket was set in the ground a week ago completing this private course owned by Vic and Diana Bentle. In only one year, with the help of son Michael Bentle and Jonathan Chambless, they have developed an incredible disc golf destination. Last year we held a C tier on the 12 holes that were finished at the time. It was a grueling format, but this year all 18 will be played as a traditional 2 round 18 hole B Tier. I am looking forward to these 3 new editions again this year.

I know I have not hit on all the tournaments on the schedule,
but they are not thought of any less. Each event is ran with the same effort and standard that DGM strives to achieve. I welcome you to all of these events, and know that not all are possible to attend for everyone. Be assured though, any event you choose to play will be fun and you will make memories that will last a life time. I look forward to seeing you and being a part in this 2020 Vision Tour. Aces, Deuces, and the lowest scores possible to all!

Complete Tour Schedule:

  • Innova Disc Golf
  • Elephant & Castle Fine Arms
  • Dynamic Discs
  • Patriots Gold and Silver LLC
  • Fossa
  • Creator Designs
  • Millennium golf discs
  • Discmania
  • Discs Unlimited
  • Intuitive Body Works & Massage
  • Greazy Dyes
  • EDGE