Route 66 Disc Golf Putting Challenge - Saturday June 1st - May 30th, 2024

Tomorrow is the day for the Route 66 Putting Challenge (part of the Route 66 Festival in Lebanon, Missouri).

If you only have a short time to play some golf this is perfect. Come putt for your chance to win before or after you play a local course in the area.

What time? Tomorrow from 10:00-3:00
Where? Boswell Park - Lebanon, Missouri
Cost? $10/ round of 18
$5 for kids (they will get a custom disc)

There is a $750 purse for both Pro & Am divisions. Come show off your putting skills!

This is a fun way to show the sport to people who may not know much about it. If you want to come hang out, join us any time between 10:00-3:00. There will be a 6 hole putting course and a couple of mini baskets set up.

1. Each player will have 2 putters/ station.
2. At each station two putts will be attempted.
3. There will either be a line or a circle with flags marking the throwing area. If there is a line with two flags, you must throw from behind the line. You must not step over the line after release until the disc comes to rest in the chains or bucket on holes 1, 2, 3, & 4 (PDGA rule). If there is a circle, this means one of your feet must stay on that circle when putting.
4. There are 3 points possible for each putt (6 total with the players two discs/hole):
Metal (cage and above ) = 1 Point
Chain (does not stay in) = 2 Points
Made = 3 Points
5. Hole 5 has a Bonus Disc that is Marked “2X Points”. This disc is used each round and is an additional shot that is given double points (this disc is the only one that can be used for the double points). A make is worth 6, chain is worth 4, & 2 points for metal.
6. Each player will pay $10 and play through the 6 hole course three times. A player will take the scores for 18 holes as their total.
7. A player may pay & play as many times as they wish. Only the players best score will count and a player may only place once.

1 - 25’ “Nothing Fancy” - straight on putt (line at 25’)
2 - 28’ “Stretch” - Straddle putt to either side of barrel (marked at 28’ and dot is behind the middle of the barrel)
3 - “Aim High” - Elevated basket (placed on a platform 20-25’… marked line for tee off)
4 - 25’ “Turbo Lover” - A turbo putt must be used and thrown over the banner from 25’)
5 - 33’ “Let’s Jump” - Bonus 2X points with special putter. Players may jump putt if desired.
6 - 55’ “Circle 2 Madness” - A mammoth 55’ putt that will test your long range putting.

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