Lucky 13 is next Saturdat on the 20th Sign Up Now! - Mar 13th, 2010

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to Pre Register. Just to save time, when you text, e mail, or Facebook me, add your Name, Division, PDGA # (if your current), and shirt size. Just so you all know, the Lucky 13 tourney discs from Innova will be in Monday. These will be given out on a first come first serve basis. So whoever pays me first gets their choice. What are the discs you ask? Well there are 25 BB Aviars, 25 New Champion T- Birds (said to be a new mold), 15 XG Boss (a new gummier Champion plastic), 5 R Pro Boss in Max Weight, and 15 Star Boss. So there are no surprises, The XG Boss will have an $8 upgrade, but all the other discs Champion and pro discs included are free with your entry. I also have 10 CFR Champion Maxs that will be sold for $25 ea. You my pay through Pay Pal if you would like.

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  • Elephant & Castle Fine Arms
  • Dynamic Discs
  • Patriots Gold and Silver LLC
  • Fossa
  • Creator Designs
  • Millennium golf discs
  • Discmania
  • Discs Unlimited
  • Intuitive Body Works & Massage
  • Greazy Dyes
  • Todd Exteriors, LLC
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