Bethel Bowl Recap - Feb 24th, 2013

My apologies to all of you for my being late in posting this recap. The Bethel Bowl was a great success. Pastor Nick Derosa's idea of setting up a temp course and running a tournament that would benefit the Victory Mission (with canned food) and the Special Needs Classroom at Truman Elementary (wit the monetary donations and proceeds) was a hit. Nick told me the plan was to buy as many Tablets as he could for the Special Needs Students with the money we raised. Needless to say, Nick and the whole congregation, was blown away by the number of players that came to support and the $900 raised at the event! A true Mission Accomplished.

Forty-four players showed up despite less than 2 weeks of promotion. The 13 hole temp course offered quite a variety of shots despite a lack of trees. The Bethel course proved to be rather challenging and difficult. Elevation and wind were the challenges of the day. Players were offered mulligans as a way to raise additional money and help lower scores. There was also a raffle with many donated prizes including an Innova Discatcher Sport as the grand prize. Both forms of fund raising were a successful.

Winners included, Matt Williams (Junior Division), Janey Helton (Womens Division), Mike Abbott (Recreational Division), Brandon Bare (Intermediate Division), Kyle Tutor (Advanced Division), and Russ Burns (Open Division). Tourean Willhold was the big winner as he made out well by winning the basket in the raffle! Congratulations to all of you!

I am excited to announce that this event was featured on the cover of the Missouri Autism Report March 2013 Issue. This was part of the delay in the recap as I wanted to post the web site for all to read about what took place. You can find the article at
I had the pleasure of being a part of delivering the 9 tablets to the special needs classroom. Teachers, aids, the principal, the Autism representative, and the kids were ecstatic when the tablets were handed out. It was explained to us that these tablets are like a key that helps unlock things stored up inside the students minds. I truly wish everyone who was a part of this tournament could have been there to see the reactions of the students and administrators. It was incredible. Again, I want to thank everyone who help make this a very special event!

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