Results From The Marshall Spring Fling - Apr 30th, 2013

Nine Divisions, 88 Players, lots of moisture, 2 incredible courses, all made for a a long but fun day at this year's Marshall Spring Fling. With thirty-one more players this year than last, support by the local news paper, and the awesome courses inside the Indian Foot Hills Park I am confident this will be an event you may not want to miss in the future. I want to thank everyone for your support and making this year one to remember! I never thought we would be able to pull these numbers off with the conditions everyone knew they would be facing. For this I would like to say Thank You to each one of you for braving the storm!

For a full listof results please visit . I would like to congratulate the winners of the 9 separate divisions at this time. Battling the elements, staying focused, and playing well in the conditions is quite amazing! Congratulations to the following Winners:
Women's Intermediate
Intermediate Women – Janey Helton
Advanced Women – Brady Monnahan
Recreational – Josiah Durham
Intermediate – Chris Dunn
Advanced – Jeff Campbell
Advanced Masters – Gary Harvey
Advanced Grand Masters – Ron Klein-Mo
Pro Masters – Kevin Hart
Open – Jason Stone

I would also like to apologize for the delays. I take full responsibility for the delays and will be the first to say it was un acceptable. We have discussed what went wrong and talked with other TD's about the issues and have already came up with improvements for the future. For those who would be gracious enough to remember the good things about the event thank you. If you have comments, opinions, and ideas on how to improve feel free to FB, e mail, text, or call me.

I hope to see everyone at the next tour stop in Harrison, AR. The date is set for May 18th and will be held at the North Ark course on campus. We are all hoping that the tee pads will be ready to be played on by then.

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