A huge weekend for Disc Golfers in the area...The 5th Annual Dale Roberts Memorial and 28 new baskets replaced at McClelland Park in Joplin, MO! - Sep 12th, 2011

On September 10, 2011 a couple amazing disc golf events took place in our area. A weekend of near perfect weather provided an incredible day for both playing at The Dale Roberts Memorial and working in McClelland Park replacing all 28 baskets with Monkey Traps. If we could have ordered weather straight from Heaven, I doubt anyone would have asked God for anything more. Sunshine, cooler temperatures, an ever so slight breeze...Wow, what a day!

Fifty players came to show their respects and to compete at Dale's course on the McCulley Park grounds. As mentioned the weather was awesome and made throwing very enjoyable. Both rounds went very quickly with nearly everyone finishing the first round by noon. Pizza was provided to the players from the Little Caesar's Pizza in Nixa (Thanks Zach and company for the hook up). If any of you get pizza from Little Caesar's ask for the manager, mention the tournament, and thank them for the discount! The second round played equally fast finishing before four o'clock. The Ace throw off, ring of fire, and raffle were all done before crowning the champions. Winners included: Josh Hurt (Branson, MO) Recreational, Shayn Woltz (Springfield, MO) Intermediate , Jake Whitehead (Fair Grove, MO) Advanced, and Russ Burns (Springfield, MO) Open. The scores are posted and were placed on the PDGA website www.pdga.com .

Another part of September 10th 2011 was the removal and replacement of the 28 baskets at McClelland Park in Joplin, MO. Approximately, 10 players helped in the project, and the work was completed in one day. On behalf of the JDGC and myself, great work and thank you all for your help. There are many people that are even more pumped about the 4 States Open happening in less than two weeks (September 23-25, 2011)! I hope to see a ton of you there!

I wanted to mention that September 10th will always be a bitter sweet day for me. It was September 10, 2001 when I helped install my very first disc golf course. Tom Watkins disc golf course in Springfield, was installed after many players donated money, time, and hard work 10 years ago to the day. I remember how happy I was getting to play and watching others play on the new baskets. I also remember being excited about going to work the next day and share what was accomplished with my co-workers and students, only to hear the horrific news on the radio about the terrorist acts of September 11, 2011. I don't remember even mentioning the installation of the Tom Watkins course that day because of the miserable feelings of emotion after watching the devastation of New York and our great Nation. I am so thankful for each course that I am a part in some way, but even more thankful to live in America. To all of you who serve or have served in our United States Military, Thank You and God Bless You! America...One Nation Under God...!

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