The "What Do You Got" Puttin' Monkey Challenge - Sep 13th, 2011

This Sunday at 1:00 will be another fun time at Disc Golf Monkey's 19th hole. There will be another Puttin' Monkey Challenge that will feature a new addition. There will again be the opportunity to make four putts “Out of the Tomb” and win a Monkey Trap. The Puttin' Challenge will again consist of 3 divisions: beginner, intermediate, and advanced and will have two rounds of 10 holes. The top 45% will be paid out through vouchers that may be used in the shop. I have about 150 discs coming in this week to prepare for the 4 States Open, so come take advantage of the new plastic. There will be a sale on some DX and CFR discs, bags, and more!

If you notice I added the “What Do You Got” statement in the title. This has a double meaning that includes your putting skills, but more importantly, I am going to have my disc collection on display for sell, trade, or just to talk about... kind of like a disc “show and tell” with the option to buy or trade. I am encouraging all players to bring “What You Got” to sell, trade, or just show and tell others about how you acquired them and the memories you have about the time you picked them up. I have managed to pick up a pretty cool collection over the last 20 years and wanted to let people see and feel some plastic (that they may never have not seen before) and do the same with what others have. I like to consider it a Disc Golf Swap Meet. Feel free to bring any disc golf gear or discs you may want to get rid of. Remember your junk may be someone else's treasure. Remember if you have used plastic for sale or trade there is a huge field in front of my house that is perfect for test runs (it was mowed last week too). I will have tables available to display your stuff. As far as what will be on display from the Monkey: there will be some awesome stamps from many past tourneys, both local and far away. I will also have some old school CE plastic: Eagles, Valkyries, Rocs (including a rare and highly coveted '01 Roc and a 1st run Valkyrie), and much more!

Remember you are not obligated to play if you come. It is just an excuse to get together, chat, practice, teach, learn, compete if you want, but most importantly to have fun on the best putting facility around! Although I here Bolivar's new installment of baskets rivals my place Lol! I hope to see you there!

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