The 1st Lost Woods Open sponsored by Dynamic Discs - Apr 23rd, 2018

The First Lost Woods Open sponsored by Dynamic Discs Recap

I want to start by saying thanks to Matt Shockey and his family and staff at the Lost Woods Golf Course. This place is simply amazing. Great course, great people, a very impressive club house, with a restaurant and bar that puts out tasty quality food at a great price, and brought to you with a smile! These guys are the real deal and are something special. If you have not played the Lost Woods yet grab you a buddy or buddies and get down there. Right now you can still play the 18 set up. I can’t say for sure how long it will be available, but once that is gone they will still offer 11 great holes (thanks to one donated by Andre “It’s all Good”) that are permanently out there! Also, keep your fingers crossed as we may get a full 18 out there soon!

Friday there were only 5 teams in Dubs. 2 in Open and 3 in Am. We had quite a scare as Will’s Partner Matt Hitt had a seizure that lead to a head injury. He had a rough night as it was reported he fell again while in the hospital. The good news is, his wife messaged and said that Matt is doing much better.

The scores for Dubs:
1st - (46) Jeff/Andre $60
2nd - (55) Savage/Nicholus
1st - (56) Chris Dangler/Devon $60
2nd - (61) Andrew/Caleb

Despite the threat of poor weather all week, we were blessed with no rain even though the radar showed a wall of rain that we were in the path of. The 1st round did start out cold, cloudy, with some gusts of wind. Despite less than desirable weather in the beginning, it warmed up rather quickly and the wind died down after the first few holes. The second round was sunny, warmer, and the daily afternoon winds came back making the second round a bit harder to control shots.

There were 52 players that made up a 9 Division field. The course was beautiful, and very well groomed like it was at the Finale. Matt Shockey and family keep the course and the club house looking great. There was quite a mix of holes. With the longest measuring 810’ (one of the 6 par 4’s) and the shortest being only 156’, there was something for everyone. The par 60 course was established after the tourney as we looked at scores and discussed the layout. Initially I wanted a par 5 on the 810 number 5, but the map was made before I could change it and I didn’t want to cause confusion. It just gives us a reason to have another Lost Woods event!!

There were three divisions that only had one person competing, but I am thankful that they came and played any way! Brandy Monnahan, Braydon Thorburn, and Candie Luster thanks for coming out and I’ll try to get you some competition at the next one.

The Recreational Division was taken by Andre Anderson by 5 strokes over Will Thorburn who was 2nd by a stroke over Dustin Jones. Andre jumped out to a 3 stroke lead and added 2 to cushion his lead and win in the second round. Dustin however made a big comeback as he matched Will’s first round 66 to get with in one. Looked like a lot of fun fellas!

The Women’s Intermediate Division was a tie after the 1st round as both ladies (Mary Abbott and Cheyenne Garner) shot a pair of 77’s. Mary then poured it on winning by 5 improving her first round score by 2. Great job ladies and thanks for playing.

The Intermediate Division was dominated by Drake Grimm and Jarrod Harmon who both ended the day leading by double digits over there competition. Despite Jarrod’ 1 stroke lead after the first round, Drake’s 59 bumped him to a three stroke lead as Jarrod shot a 63. On a course like this, and shooting these scores, you guys may want to think about a jump to Advanced as both of you would have finished in the top 3 there. Great shooting and congratulations... now move up!! 🙂

The Advanced Masters Division was destroyed by Rick Wagoner, who bested the 2nd place road warrior, Jon Parsons by a dozen. Rick’s final score of -1 would have put him in a tie for 3rd in Advanced. Look out for this guy. Rick is moving up quickly. Great job!! The real battle in this division was for second place, as Jon Parsons, Mike Abbott, and Kevin Carder were only separated by one stroke. Great job to each of you.

The Advanced field, made up of eleven players was taken down by Brion Lamar. Brion’s blistering 54, in the second round, gave him a total score of -7. It was a come from behind win over the always tough John McCain, who shot a -5. Michael Pfeifer also played well shooting the 3rd and only other sub par round in the division (-1). I see more battles between these guys in the very near future.

The Open Division was won by Jeff Renner. Shooting a very impressive -19 with the hot round 49 followed by a 52, it made for a convincing win. Cory Anderson’s 51 first round was super solid and kept him in the hunt for the lead, but Renner pulled away in the second round. James Loveall and Kyle McClure took the other cashing spots in Open. Congratulations to all of you!!

Some added high lights:
* there was an Ace on the 156’ elevated Basket by Eddie Nylund who took home some good cash.
* the Abbotts won the basket in the raffle
* Dustin Jones broke out some shorts that should never be worn in public that some how helped him be the big winner in the Ring of Fire.

The only disappointment was that “Harold”, our snapping turtle, did not make an appearance... I have thought of a way to remedy that possibly making the next custom disc hot stamp with Harold as the star!

Thank you, and see you all in May...Good luck if you are going to the GBO!!!

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