Hillbilly Shoot Out Update - Jun 20th, 2011

It's crunch time and everything seems to be falling into place. The city of Lebanon has decided to put 18 tee pads instead of the initial 9 that were planned. The path will no longer be used as a teeing area and teeing will be done from individual 5 foot by 10 foot concrete pads! There are only a few left to finish (way to go George, Wayne, Rollin, and Brad). The last 9 basket tops were picked up from the Powder Coater a few days ago. They are now all put together by Kyle (thanks kid and good job!) The buckets are in Joplin to be coated Wednesday or Thursday just in time to be intalled. The signs, designed by Keith Douglas, are also due in the same day (nice work as always bud). Borrowing from the old 80's classic A-Team quote "I love it when a plan comes together!".

If you have any questions about the Hill Billy Shoot Out please feel free to cotact me!

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