Points Series Update - Jun 8th, 2024

DGM’s Reflection Tour Points Challenge Update:

With the North Ark Open and the Dragon Ridge Open behind us the Reflection Tour has officially made a stop at each region of the season! It's time to take a look at where everyone stands on the Points Challenge board!

Before we get into the update don’t forget this weekend is the Jared Hilton Memorial part of the East region, and the following weekend is the Olde Glory Days which is the North Major that gives double points. This is a great chance to move up in a big way. God luck!

Congratulations to all players who are currently at the top of the board after the latest tournament!

Since the last points update there have been some big movers on the board!

In the Silverback Division:
Andrew Presnell jumped up from 36th to just shy of top 10 taking the 11th place position on the board!

Phil McGuire moved up from 23rd to 14th place!

In the Gorilla Division:
Tyler Zustiak jumped from 20th all the way up to 4th place!

Tobby Rector moved into a top 10 position from 13th to 6th place!

Brad Hilton also moved into a top 10 position from 29th to 9th place after the last two tournaments!

Jacob Whittle moved from 30th to 13th place!

In the Mandrill Division:
Esmerelda Dodson has maintained her first place position, and became the first Mandrill to play in a tournament from each region on the tour!

The Mandrill Division had 6 new players added to the board after the last tournament!

In the Kong Division:
Ian Boyer made a huge leap into a top 5 position from 29th to 4th place!

Cameron Banks moved up from 30th to 16th place!

The Top 3 in each division are as follows:

1. Russ Burns 272
2. Nevada McAplin 235
3. Jackson Bekemeier 188

1. Tyler Northrip 318
2. Jonathon Chambless 232
3. Mason Myers 185

1. Esmerelda Dodson 289
2. Mary Abbott 234
3. Julie Crouch 191

1. Brian Warren 228
2. Justin Hare 188
3. Preston Curry 170

The Points Challenge full results are updated after each tournament and can be found on my website:

If you need more information about how the points challenge works or what to expect please read below:

1. At the end of the season the top four players in each division will receive a large prize and a hand casted pure silver pendant made by Jeff Ford of Patriot’s Gold & Silver

2. To qualify for the points series a player must compete in at least one tournament from three of the four regions. The regions can be found on the Points Challenge flyer. There is currently one Wild Card event (The Winter Blast) that can be used as a tournament for any region.

3. For the Points Challenge, players are separated into the following categories:

Silverback- All Pros
Mandrill- All Women
Gorilla- All Advanced
Kong- All Other Men’s

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