First Floatin' Monkey Fling Update - May 17th, 2012

The Floatin' Monkey Fling is only two days away. There are several pre registrations and it looks like it is going to be a great turn out for this One-of-a-Kind tournament. There have been many calls with questions concerning Pre Registration, Non Players floating but not playing, Divisions, and Groupings. I hope to answer these in detail. If you still have questions don't hesitate to call, text or e mail additional questions.

As for Pre Registration: The benefit of registering early is getting the “better plastic disc” and getting the right shirt size (shirt sizing is done on a first come first serve basis). For this event the first 40 players have there choice of the Blizzard Boss or Destroyer (also available are DX Aviars and Rocs). (All players will receive a custom stamped disc and shirt.)
You may pre register in two ways:
1) Contact me via e mail, text, or by phone and pay at the shop.
2) Go to Send your entry fee plus $2/ Player (a Pay Pal Fee) to . Please include you name, the tournament name, your Division, address, Phone number, disc selection, and shirt size.

Many of you have asked if a spouse or significant other may float with you. The answer is a definite Yes! All players entries pay for one half of the $35 canoe rental fee. So if you choose to bring someone along that doesn't play you will pay $17.50 to cover the other half of the canoe rental. Also, Tyson has provided us with enough food to accommodate as many people as we can get to attend. The $5 dinner fee (which is also covered by the registration fee) can also be paid by the non player and participate in the dinner. All the proceeds for the dinner will go to the Noel Betterment Association.

Divisions are going to be the same as normal tournaments, requiring 3 to make a division. There is one exception however regarding divisions. For this event, I am adding a Novice Division. The Novice Division (for this tournament), is for players who have not played before. This is designed for two main types of people: locals who have not heard of Disc Golf and would like to give it a try, and the ride-along-significant-others who would not normally play. I am hoping that as many people who come will take part in the “Fling” as well as the “Floatin'”! Getting a large number of players will definitely help next year as we try to get more sponsors and attempt to grow this event.

The groupings will be done based on when you show up. The Canoe Rentals have asked that we have groups of 4-8 to shuttle from the registration area to the launch site. You will need at least 3 players per group to set out to play. Try to keep your groups to 3 to 5 players to keep a steady flow. Although you will only be competing against players in your division, you may get placed in a group with players competing in different divisions. Playing with friends is encouraged so schedule times to meet so you can get paired together!


This is going to be a blast! See ya there.

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