Evangel University Welcomes a New Activity on Campus...Crusader Disc Golf is Flying High! - Apr 25th, 2012

Evangel University has been eagerly awaiting their new disc golf course. Disc Golf is new to most people on the campus, but there are many who couldn't wait for the course to be completed. Students will be allowed to check out discs from the Mabee Center.

The 9 hole course is a beginner friendly with good use of trees, elevation, and strategic pin locations. The course starts with hole 1 placed north of the Mabee Center and shoots from east to west. Holes 2, 3, and 4 play in a counter clock wise triangle to the West of the Mabee Center. The tee pad for the “Signature Hole” #5 is between the softball and baseball field that is a short walk from hole 4. Once there a shot across the creek will place you at the far North end of Evangel's campus. The “signature hole” #5 and the 6th hole are the only holes in Springfield that have a water hazard. The water is not very deep unless there has been a recent rain and then the creek has potential of getting uncomfortably deep (so don't throw in there!). The next two holes play west to east and will put you to the North of the Perkin's Dorm. Holes 8 and 9 loop around Perkins finishing up at the main parking lot near the Mabee Center. Although we are waiting on signage, there are tee sign posts and rubber pads for tee areas.

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