Recap of 2011 and Bring on 2012 - Jan 9th, 2012

What an incredible year 2011 was! The Evolution Tour was a great success. It never ceases to amaze me how much local player support is given to area events. Despite the hurdles we have had to continually jump over, we have successfully moved our sport forward. DGM was involved in 15 events last year in the 4 state area. The feedback about the tournaments from players has been very supportive, and with your help I plan on making things even better in 2012. I am working with a lot of return cities along with some new ones. The goal is to bring back as many past events while providing some new stops as well. I will be posting several tournaments on the schedule very soon. I am sorry for the delay in the schedule, but I am waiting to hear back from some places that will really add to the tour. I thank all of you who have taken the time to thank and voiced your support. I am excited for another year and appreciate all of you who make the choice to come to “Monkey Events”! Your support is appreciated and never taken for granted!

Along with the turn outs, sponsor support, and all the rest of what makes disc golf tournaments fun and memorable, I want to show how each of you did your part in giving back last year. The Lebanon Area Foundation, The Relay for Life, The Joplin Relief Effort (for our own JDGC members), Christian County Family Crisis Center, and the EDGE program were all supported by the players of the Evolution Tour and other DGM events in 2011. Close to $8,000 was raised and given back to the above charities. It was very tough seeing the devastation that Joplin and the surrounding areas went through and are still recovering from, but it was very moving and humbling to see how the family of disc golfers came together to show support. If for no other reason the act of giving back made the Evolution Tour successful! Your efforts have made a difference. Thanks again for your continued support of the raffles and food drives!

DGM was part of the new installation or upgrades of 9 courses last year! Posted on the Courses tab above, are the locations where Monkey Traps can be found. Our sport is growing in popularity, and so is the awareness and support of our awesome game. I almost couldn't believe it when I sat down to make the list of what all cities/states have Monkey Traps. As most of you know, the “word of mouth” is what has sold these baskets. I again owe my gratitude and thanks for all who continue to make things happen and furthering the sport! I hope all of you have a chance to play on these courses.

As for what is next for the Monkey... February 25th, is the Lebanon's Ice Bowl and will take place at the Jared Hilton Memorial Course. John, the Director of Parks has contacted me and we are working out details now. Check back often as there will be a flier for this event posted in the near future. Just a few weeks after the Lebanon Ice Bowl on March 17th, the 4th Annual Lucky 13 will be held. Republic Parks and Recreation Center has always supported this tournament. It has served well as the site to kick off the competitive PDGA tournament season. This year I have ordered little wind and warm weather. On April 28th the mobile trailer will venture to a new and highly anticipated location. Marshall, MO is a new stop that has two beautiful and extremely challenging courses. Having only delivered baskets to the Indian Foothills South course, I am eagerly looking forward to this event. There is a possibility of something else happening before these dates, but for now these are the first three events of the year and I hope you can be a part of them. See you all soon.

Stay Tuned...

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