My apologies on the delay of the May tournament wrap ups! - Jun 5th, 2012

My apologies for delays in posting. May was a crazy month with basket making, tournaments, and a miserable bout with Pneumonia. I have learned way more about Pneumonia than I ever wanted to know. With out boring you with details, I want to say it had me down for the count for over two weeks. Thanks to all of you who sent hope, thoughts, and prayer. They were all welcomed and extremely appreciated! Thank You!!

There were two tournaments in May that were unique and firsts for the area. Hats off to Shayn Woltz and Jeff Beth for putting on an awesome Match Play Event. The Ozarks Flying Disc Club's Inaugural Player's Cup Weekend was an awesome test of both mental and physical ability. In talking with some of the other players in the tournament, most seemed to say that staying focused along with executing time after time was key. For those who missed the event, the tournament was match play and the bracket was set up by a random draw. The first two matches were played on the 1st original 9 in Ozark followed by the second round being played on the original back 9. All the rest of the matches were done on a stretched out 18 Safari type course. Crazy awesome time! Can't wait to do this again. A huge congratulations to Zack Jones of Joplin, MO for taking home the 1st place title! Very well played Zack. Again I want to thank Shayn and Jeff for putting this on!

Another first was the Floatin' Monkey Fling. This was the first event of it's kind that I know of. Raymond Kirk, the brain child of the event, mentioned doing this to me last year at the Finale. It was awesome to see how excited and willing he was to make it happen. Ray single handedly set up the course, organized sponsorships, and pulled the local area together to make tournament happen. My apologies Ray for my body deciding to shut off before the event, but a huge congratulations for making it all happen! Thirty-five players played and endured a long day of floatin' and flingin' along the Elk River! Winners included Kyle Webster (Open), John Sheafer (Adv), Buddy Larue and Steve Hare(Int), Jesse Kirk (Rec), and Greg Fehrenbach (Nov). Congratulations to you all!

I will be making a post tomorrow about the Jared Hilton Memorial which is next on the Monkey Tour 2012. This event is looking to be awesome with some great sponsorship support!

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