10th Annual Marshall Open - Oct 23rd, 2021

Welcome to the Tenth Annual Marshall Open! As always, we’d like to start off by thanking our sponsors.

Our tour sponsors: Elephant & Castle Fine Arms, Innova Champion Discs, Creator Designs, Fossa, Millenium Golf Discs, Discmania, Cyclebar Springfield East, 8Up, Fimco Steel, Discs Unlimited, and Dynamic Discs.

Everyone needs to check in at the pavilion. Also, the PDGA is requiring a signed waiver stating we acknowledge the increased risk of COVID-19 by playing in this tournament. Since you all signed up online, you've already signed that waiver.
Regarding COVID-19, please maintain social distancing at all times before, during, and after the tournament. During check-in, please form three lines, and keep at least 6 feet apart in those lines. Three people at a time will be allowed to check in. There will be water on the course at each shelter house. After the tournament, amateur players receiving a payout will need to form three lines, as three people will be allowed in the trailer at any one time. The voucher must be used that day, unless arrangements are made.

Round 1 tees off at 10. Scores for this tournament will be kept at pdga.com/score. The code is marsh. Round 1 player course and hole assignments will be posted shortly after registration closes Friday night at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/53075. The staff will automatically receive the scores at tournament central. When round one is finished, the Rotary Club will be selling lunch at the course. Proceeds go to disc golf education at Marshall High School. Round 2 SHOULD start at 2, but may change based on last card. There will be an announcement by DGM staff, and round 2 assignments will be posted on the PDGA page.
Rules for the courses are listed below. Innova CTP is North hole 17. Trilogy-only CTP is South hole 5. All players play from red tees on both courses.

If there is any question about any throws or lies, try to make a group decision. If no decision can be made, play a provisional. When possible, consult with the course TD to determine the correct answer.

Kevin Carder will be the Tournament Director. He can be reached on FB and his number is (417) 439-7283.

Course distances and OB rules for the North course:

Hole Number Distance Notes
1 420 OB - Road and beyond, in rock ditch
2 304 OB - Road and beyond
3 259
4 448 OB - Road and beyond, playground, shelter
5 550 OB - Railroad track and beyond, gravel
6 253 OB - Road and beyond
7 355 OB - Road and beyond
8 322 OB - Road and beyond
9 345 OB - Road and beyond
10 367 OB - Road and beyond
11 330 OB - Road and beyond
12 280 OB - Over fence
13 306 OB - Over fence
14 235 OB - Over fence, creek and beyond
15 255 OB - Creek and beyond
16 186
17 201 OB - Road and beyond
18 390 OB - Road and beyond, creek, grass under bridge. Grass on bridge is safe.

Course distances and OB rules for the South course:

Hole Number Distance Notes
1 307 OB - Creek and beyond
2 250
3 295 OB - Road and beyond, shelter house
4 340 OB - Shelter house, playground
5 180 OB - Creek and beyond
6 330 OB - Road and beyond, shelter house
7 460 OB - Road and beyond, shelter house
8 465 OB - Walking trail and beyond
9 441 OB - Road and beyond, skate park, all terraces.
10 317 OB - Road and beyond, lake
11 300 OB - Road and left, lake. If OB from tee, go to drop zone. All other OBs play from last in.
12 260 OB - lake
13 275
14 475 OB - Road and beyond, lake
15 421 OB - Road and beyond, walking trail and beyond, parking lot and beyond
16 267 OB - Road and beyond
17 333 OB - Sidewalk and beyond, shelter house
18 315 OB - Road and beyond

  • Innova Disc Golf
  • Elephant & Castle Fine Arms
  • Dynamic Discs
  • Patriots Gold and Silver LLC
  • Fossa
  • Creator Designs
  • Millennium golf discs
  • Discmania
  • Discs Unlimited
  • Intuitive Body Works & Massage
  • Greazy Dyes
  • EDGE