The Weather is Perfect for a True Winter Blast! This Saturday at Grubaugh Park in Ozark, MO. - Dec 9th, 2013

The Winter Blast weather is set for this Saturday's tournament (to benefit the Christian County Family Crisis Center) at Grubaugh Park in Ozark, MO. Last night KY3 posted in bold letters WINTER BLAST across the screen. My wife and I laughed and said, hey they are advertising the tourney, but in reality, as you know, they were informing everyone of the brutal weather that we are still receiving this week. At least this year no one will need to bring any coolers to keep the turkeys frozen! This is the Turkey Trot event so you will have several opportunities to win a turkey or ham. After three tries, in consecutive years, we will finally have a true “Winter” Blast...Brrrrrrrr!!

If you plan on coming please note that the entry is only $20 and 5 cans of food or an additional $5. You can also donate other items listed on the bottom of the flier in lieu of the canned goods. All donations will be going to the CCFCC. I believe I may have a few items for a small raffle as well. If you have any extra items on the list, an extra turkey or ham in the freezer, or any item to donate to the raffle bring them. On behalf of the CCFCC Thank You for all the support. I'm looking forward to this event, and I hope to see as many of you there as possible! Be safe on the roads!!

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