Jared Hilton Memorial Players Meeting - Jun 13th, 2024

Missouri Eagle and Elephant & Castle Fine Arms Present:
The 14th Annual Jared Hilton Memorial - Driven by Innova

Players’ Meeting

Welcome to the 14th Annual Jared Hilton Memorial! I would like to start off with a warning for all players who have not been to the courses lately. There has been construction going on for quite some time. The city is widening the road in between the two courses. There are several holes that have been affected. Hole 4 has completely been moved and is a temp hole. You will see a few holes that have dirt work and mounds on fairways and near greens. Also, there were some pretty severe storms and the wood pile on Winfrey behind 9 and part of 10 is larger than ever. Please take added caution on your footing in these areas. The Club and I feel both courses are playable with the changes made.

A big shout of thanks to the following people for their work on the courses: Red Dragon, Ryan Shockley, Skyeler Crutchfiled, Dan Newlin, Steve Wilson, Brandy Monnahan, and Brad Hilton. If I missed someone, please make any efforts known in the comments!

Moving on to sponsors. We again have two Title Sponsors and our Manufacture sponsor represented on the custom discs. Thank you to all three: Missouri Eagle, Elephant & Castle Fine Arms, and Innova Champion Discs.

We'd also like to thank our other tournament sponsors:
Slim Chickens, Mike-Red Dragons, Chris, Ryan, Angela Adkins, Brad Hilton, Court, Probationary Services Inc., Lowes Home Improvement, All-Rite Fabrication, and Da Vinci’s.

Last and definitely not least we appreciate all of our tour sponsors: Elephant & Castle Fine Arms, Patriots Gold & Silver, Kinney Amusement, Innova Champion Discs, Dynamic Discs, Fossa Disc Golf, Prodigy Discs, Creator Designs, MVP/Axiom Discs, Millennium Golf Discs, Discmania, 8Up, Greazy Dyes, Discs Unlimited, Swing Right Golf, Intuitive Body Works & Massage and Sticky Dyes.

Round 1 tees off at 9. The course assignments will be announced Saturday at check in. The reason for the delay is to make sure we split the field the best way possible given the divisions and numbers of players in each. The official scorekeeping will be at pdga.com/score. The code is JHM. Round 1 player course and hole assignments will be posted shortly after registration closes Friday night athttps://www.pdga.com/tour/event/78329. All players are required to keep score. The staff will automatically receive the scores at tournament central. After the first round, Slim Chickens will provide lunch at the Winfrey house. Round 2 SHOULD start at 1, but may change based on last card. There will be an announcement by DGM staff, and round 2 assignments will be posted on the PDGA page.

Rules for the course are listed below. Unbranded CTP is hole 17 at Jared Hilton. Prodigy-only CTP is hole 5 at Jared Hilton. Full Turn-only CTP is hole 14 at Winfrey. MVP-only CTP is hole 2 at Winfrey.

If there is any question about any throws or lies, try to make a group decision. If no decision can be made, play a provisional. When possible, consult with the course TD to determine the correct answer.

  • Innova Disc Golf
  • Elephant & Castle Fine Arms
  • Dynamic Discs
  • Patriots Gold and Silver LLC
  • Fossa
  • Creator Designs
  • Millennium golf discs
  • Discmania
  • Discs Unlimited
  • Intuitive Body Works & Massage
  • Greazy Dyes
  • Todd Exteriors, LLC
  • Kinney Billiards and Games
  • EDGE