The Lucky 13 Recap - Mar 21st, 2018

Lucky 13 Recap

The Elephant & Castle’s 10th Annual Lucky 13 was another packed out fun event delivering a little bit of weather that it has come to be known for (cold and windy). 95 players were in attendance playing 18 holes, which forced a ghost card to get everyone in. Despite the extra players the tournament ran smooth and the rounds were only a little over two hours each.

The first round’s cloud cover, cold, and windy conditions seemed to keep scores a little higher than normal except for the leaders of coarse. There was quite a battle in the Open field which I had the privilege of playing with the 10th Annual Lucky 13 Champion, Josiah Durham. Josiah played very good and consistent not letting a few arrant shots rattle him. Apparently, he continued more of the same as he battled off one of Missouri’s best, George Smith of Columbia, MO. Also, playing steady both rounds was Mike Porter and making a surge was Cody Prugger. Great rounds fellas!

Looking at the scores, the Masters had quite a battle between local Ray Preznell and Jeff City’s Stan Balke with only a 2 stroke win by Ray. On top in Advanced and no surprise for either, were John McCain and Toby Rector. The second round proved to be the decider as John shot a 48 to Toby’s 50. Great battles!

Other highlights and winners include: $600 will be sent to EDGE thanks to all of you who took part in the raffle. This is an absolutely great start for the season. Other Winners included:
Brandy Monnahan (Open Women), Bradly Brown over Rick Waggoner by 5 in Intermediate, Mary Abbott (Int Women), Kevin Feldbaumer over Doug Bowen by several despite the $350 Ace by Doug (the tournaments Title Sponsor), Candy Luster (Rec Women), and Braydon Thornburn (Junior). Congratulations to all winners and players that cashed!

Every year I am so thankful for the opportunity to run an event at The Lucky 13 course at Miller Park. Jared Keeling and Kris Parks and their staff are incredible and keep everything looking new. I hope that all of you who get a chance to play there regularly will take the time to thank them.

If you notice the bottom of
The back of your shirt is printed:

In memory of Nick Arbeitman

Just so you all know he is the son to the owner of Fimco Steel, who has sponsored the tournament for years. He was a disc golfer amongst other things and I was able to play and battle with him in many tournaments in the early 90’s. He passed in his sleep earlier this year. To all who knew him and to his family, he will always be remembered at this event. Keep Soaring High Nick, you are missed!

Until next time aces, birdies, and lots of fun to you all!

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