The Winter Blast December 12th... The Monkey's Last Tourney of the year! Benefiting the Christian County Family Crisis Center in Ozark - Nov 25th, 2015

With the 7th consecutive DGM Tour behind us, we will say good bye to 2015 and bring in 2016 very soon. This year will mark 5 year's that we have helped the Christian County Family Crisis Center at the Winter Blast. Each year the CCFCC is overjoyed and thankful for our local disc golfer's gracious support. Mary and others, who have been with the Center, have mentioned time and again that we truly make a difference each year at a perfect time of need.

This year we plan on selling a few mulligans, having a raffle, and doing the popular Turkey Trot as we do each year. If at all possible, PLEASE BRING RAFFLE ITEMS for the Raffle. I don't normally ask players to do this much, but I want this raffle to be larger than normal so we can help the CCFCC as much as possible. If you have something to donate please contact me and let me know.

As for the big needs for the CCFCC, as always food is the big one. Asylum Discs last year went over and above and donated a truck load of food which was incredible. Thanks again! This year, as you will find on the flyer, a special request for Baby Wipes and Clorox Cleaning wipes has been mentioned. There is a special raffle for those who bring either or both of those in hopes of getting those needed items (1st Run Whale, Leopard 3, and a bonus disc will be in this bonus raffle).

I hope to see you at the Ozark Flying Disc Golf Club Bag Tag event on the 5th and a week later at the Winter Blast! Have a Happy Thanks Giving and Aces to You!!

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