The Winter Blast Recap - Dec 20th, 2011

The Winter Blast Disc Golf Tournament held in Ozark on the newly designed Grubaugh Park was a hit. The Winter Blast successfully provided a fun and competitive event while raising money for the Christian County Family Crisis Center (CCFCC). Thirty-Eight players came and helped raise $250 in cash and countless nonperishable food items, cleaning supplies, and other much needed items! The weather was near perfect, when considering we are only a week from Christmas. The day was sunny, with almost no wind, and it was close to 50 degrees, making it much easier to launch discs through the air. Jeff Beth's back 18 design complimented the new 18 design and made for a fun and challenging event.

There were 5 divisions with players coming from as far as Marshall and St. Louis to play. In the Recreational Division, Stephan Schelp shot a 12 down 96 to win. The Intermediate Division was taken by Chad Fisk, shooting one stroke better with a 13 down 95. In the Advanced Division it was TJ Hahn who blistered a 93, 15 down to walk away victoriously. In the Grand Master division it was Marshall's own Jon Parsons shooting a 4 down 104 to take home the title. In a remarkable display of driving and putting, it was Joplin's Zack Jones, who took over all honors in the Open Pro division. Zack held off local Aaron Ulrich by 2, shooting an 18 under 90 for the tournament. Congratulations to all the winners!

As mentioned above, there was $250 raised for the CCFCC. This was done in two ways. First we charged an entry plus 5 cans of food (or other needed items) or $5 extra. Eighteen players paid the $5 making the total $90. The second way was done in a fun Mulligan Turkey Trott Closest to the Pin game. Six mulligans were offered for $5 and allowed the player to be a part of the Turkey Trott that was sponsored by Price Cutter, who donated two turkeys for the game. How the game worked was players were given the option to use or save their mulligans. If the mulligans were saved they were able to be turned in to free throws in the Turkey Trott Closest to the Pin. Also, during the round if you had three birdies in a row (known as a Turkey), you also were given a free throw. At the end of the tournament 32 players turned in their throws during the Turkey Trott CTP which raised $160 more, putting the total at $250. The big winners of the highly coveted gobblers were Team Monkey's Jake Whitehead, and the other gobbler was one by the new and 1st time tournament player, the one and only, man simply known as... Stoney. The Winter Blast was truly a great time and an awesome way to end a fun packed year of disc golf!

As if the above were not enough, Jeff and I had the opportunity to deliver the food, cleaning supplies, and the money to the CCFCC. We met most of the Team that worked there and could see how devoted they were to their cause. All were overly thankful and were eager to show us the facility and share their vision. It was awesome to know that what was donated had the potential to change lives as it was explained to us by director Lynn Buehler Executive Director and Dawn Decker Resident Manager. Both sent their support and thanks to the Disc Golf Community. They even showed interest in the game. A big “thank you” to all who helped.

It was truly a special time of giving back and realizing that no matter what happened on the course, at the end of the day it should truly be about serving others. I am so thankful to each and every one of you who came to this event and the many others that I have ran. I am blessed to do what I do, and will never take it for granted. To all of you, my sincerest Thank You and hope to see you again in the future!

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