The True Life Presidential Cup is this Saturday February 20th - Feb 16th, 2016

The True Life Presidential Cup is this Saturday at True Life Church. This is the first PDGA event the DGM has ever held in the Winter. The reason this event was scheduled was due to several people asking why I didn't run PDGA events in the winter. I honestly had never thought about why I didn't until the question came up. All I could really come up with is the fact that Winter Disc Golf always meant Ice Bowls and charity events. Although I have enjoyed them for what they are “Fundraisers”, I've heard many complaints about “not liking the mulligan thing”. DGM will still run charity events, because we need to give back, but this Saturday will be a test to see how many players want to make a Winter PDGA event happen!

I honestly am not a fan of cold in any way, shape, or form. I'm pretty sure this is because my Arizonan blood will never adjust. Fortunately, I think all in attendance are going to be blessed with another un-winter like day. The forecast is calling for highs in the 70's. I take this as a sign that this event was meant to be. Pastor Nick and I came up with this tournament, and he picked out the cool name. My little brother came up with the fun logo and Keith killed it on the Flier. Parker (Fossa) helped with the hot stamps, and Gateway Disc Sports will be providing the players packs. Jonathan Cook, Derek Norris and Pastor Nick have busted tail on this course making it better each time we get to play on it! To all of you thanks for the help.

You read correctly. I will be holding a raffle for all who pre register before 7:00 am on Wednesday the 17th. The drawing will be done by my daughter and I and posted on FB. Again to qualify to win all you have to do is pre register by the time and date given. This is simply a thank you to all who have taken the time to support by registering early. Remember you may pay at my shop or on line. Best of luck, and see you there!!

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