Kellogg Lake's Big Splash Open Update - Apr 8th, 2014

Kellogg Lake's Big Splash Open is approaching quickly. This Saturday on the 12th will be the first PDGA event on this course. The Kellogg Lake course is relatively new, not being in quite a year. It consists of 12 permanent holes (that will be played the same for the tournament) and will have 6 additional holes added for the tournament making it a complete 18. The coolest feature of this course is the added element of water that few courses in the area has (a little at Evangel and the beautiful ponds at Branson Cedar's being the noted exceptions). This is a course that can be “lit up” but if you are a “head case” the water can mess with your mind and cause some scores you wish you didn't have. It will be fun to see what the scores and ratings will turn out for this 1st time event.

This tournament is sponsored by Dynamic Discs, and the custom stamped discs will be some of each of the Trilogy plastic: DD, Westside, and Latitude 64.
Judges, Wardens, Trespasses, Havocs, Giants, and Worlds will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Please don't call and ask me to hold one, because there is no time to do so. Come early Saturday or Friday to get the best selection. Late Registration and Check In will start at 8:00am Saturday.

Pre Tournament Activities:

Thursday the 10th at 5:30 – Cost $20:
Gateway Disc Sport's JohnE McCray (a 1035 long time touring, out of Florida) will be providing a Disc Golf Clinic in Springfield this Thursday (the 10th) at True Life Church (Bethel Assembly). The cost is $20 with $5 going toward a draw doubles afterward. This is your chance to get some help with any part of your game. Although over 40 he finished 2nd to Paul McBeth at this year's Memorial in Arizona. He mentioned, “I can help Any player get more consistent”. I have known him for along time and met him first back in the days of the private par 64 course called “Burnsville”, arguably the coolest most challenging course in the area, in which JohnE provided his first “Clinic”. The guy can play and teach!

Friday the 11th from 10:00-12:00 – Cost Free:
We will be providing an Introduction to Disc Golf and EDGE. This clinic is by request of the City of Carthage to help educate anyone about the sport that we love. This clinic is mostly for those who don't know much about disc golf and want to know how to get more involved with the sport and EDGE.

Friday the 11th at 2:00-5:30 – Cost Ams$20 Pros $30:
There will be a Flex Start Doubles. Flex, meaning your team and another team may tee off any time between 2:00-5:30. One round of 18 holes will be played with two division. If there is one Pro on your team you must play Open.

See Ya Soon!!!

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