Elephant & Castle’s 17th Annual Dale Roberts Memorial Rap Up - Sep 3rd, 2023

The Wrap Up for the Elephant & Castle’s 17th Annual Dale Roberts Memorial

This Saturday 100 payers registered for the Dale Roberts Memorial. It was great to see the continued support of this event as we continue to remember Dale Roberts, former employee of the Nixa Center and the man who spearheaded the coarse at McCulley Park. Dale was an awesome working man, and loved working at the center where he was always involved in many fun activities. He loved working with kids and volunteered often including once going to the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch (where I worked back then), and discussed his job with the students. Seeing him interact with the kids made it easy to see how much he loved being around and helping the youth in our area. We ran several disc golf events together including successful leagues, multiple Ice Bowls in Nixa, one Ice Bowl in Houston, MO, and one Hooters Challenge in Nixa as well. I never saw him do anything half way. He was always committed to what ever he tried and was always all in! I miss my friend, and am honored to continue to keep his memory alive. On behalf of Amy Roberts and Butch & Patsy Roberts and Dale’s entire family, Thank You all for making this another special Remembrance Day!

A big thanks again to Doug Bowen, owner of Elephant & Castle Fine Arms for being the title sponsor. I’d like to thank Amy Roberts for the pizza from Godfather’s for lunch. A huge shout out to Captain Jonathan Chambless and Kenny Hunt for helping set up the canopies, water, and signs. We want to thank Matt Crause and his grounds keepers for making the course look great with freshly cut grass.

To our tour sponsors, you all rock and we appreciate all that you continue to do for us: Elephant & Castle Fine Arms, Patriots Gold & Silver, Dynamic Discs, Innova Champion Discs, Fossa Disc Golf, Prodigy Discs, Creator Designs, Todd Exteriors, LLC, MVP/Axiom Discs, Millennium Golf Discs, Discmania, 8Up, Greazy Dyes, Discs Unlimited, Swing Right Golf, Intuitive Body Works & Massage and Sticky Dyes.

The day started off absolutely gorgeous. Cooler
Temperatures were welcomed in the first round that started at 9:00 a.m. There was no wind, and the players finished around noon. The second round started close to 1:00. During the second round, the temperatures soared to nearly 90, with an ever so slight wind. It was definitely beautiful conditions for a tournament.

As mentioned in the players meeting and on Facebook, there was $1,400 in the Roll Over Ace Pot before the tournament started. $370 was added with 74 players paying in to the Ace Pot. There was an Ace hit, but sadly all it got him was a “1” on the score card. Definitely a costly $1,770 mistake :-( The next tournament in Forsyth will be fun as there will likely be nearly $2,000 for an Ace for anyone that takes part in the Ace Pool! With 9 legit birdie chances on the Ozarks Dam Course, it will be surprising if an ace doesn’t get hit!

After the round there was a raffle. The big winner of the basket was Tyler Webb. It was great seeing him and his buddies out there on the course again! A great welcome back win!!

There were 10 divisions represented in the field.

I would like to give a big Congratulations to all that cashed and mention all 10 Champions:
Micah Noble * MPO -26
Esmeralda Dodson * FPO +3
Derek Green * MP40 -21
Carson Rees * MA1 -15 (Tie Break Win over Dylan Clinkenbeard) Moooooove Up!!!!!!!!
Charles Rector MA40 -11 (Tie Break Win over brother Toby Rector… say it ain’t so Tob!)
Darrin Dodson * MA50 -6
Justin “Move Up” Warren * MA2 -14
Catie Sala-Bankston * FA2 +18
Cameron Banks * MA3 -9
Brittany Michael * FA3 +33

For Full & Official Results click here:

Don’t forget the next stop on the tour is the Ozarks Dam Open in Forsyth Missouri: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Patriot_s_Gold_and_Silver_presents_The_4th_Annual_Ozarks_Dam_Open_2023/register

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