The 2nd Gunn Park Open - Sep 18th, 2022

The 2nd Gunn Park Open Recap

This past Saturday 68 players made there way to Ft. Scott Kansas for The 2nd Gunn Park Open. A big shout out of thanks to Danny Craig for his efforts in making this happen. His dedication and advocating to the city has paid off and we all thank you for your efforts. We also appreciate the course prep work and putting out the signs and water on the course. It’s a lot of work, thank you again! To the City of Ft. Scott we want to thank you as well for funding this event. Looking forward to next year already.

The day started with nearly perfect weather. It was cool with a gentle breeze when players arrived and checked in. I’m sure I wasn’t alone, in thinking that the weather folks would be wrong as I saw the high temps were going to reach the 90’s. The first round temperature were mild with just a little breeze. Mother Nature had a bit of bipolar as the second round turned hot, as if someone just flipped a switch to Blazin’. The locals said they hadn’t had much wind there lately, but the Kansas winds we all know about showed up in the second round to make us feel at home. The tournament definitely finished a scorcher.

The first round played pretty quick. We started at 9:00, and everyone broke for lunch and were back playing at 1:00. The rounds went smoothly. There was an Ace hit by Chris Stebbins who enjoyed a little pay day.

There were eight divisions. Congratulations to all who cashed, and to all the winners Awesome Job:

Rec Women (1):
1st Pl Colette Knittel - 139

Rec Men (17):
1st Pl Rhett Hammers - 112
2nd Pl Justin Lorenz - 116
3rd Pl Joshua Binford - 117

Int Men (9):
1st Pl Cooper Bradberry - 101
2nd Pl Drew Cummings - 104
3rd Pl Ethan Garate - 105

MA50 (3):
1st Pl Randy Knittel - 123
2nd Pl Brian Mcfarlane - 126
3rd Pl John Troutman - 129

MA40 (7):
1st Pl Aaron Shockey - 110
2nd Pl Charles Rector - 112
3rd Pl David Robinson - 118

Adv Men (10)
1st Pl Keenan Guilfoyale - 97
2nd Pl Paul Dingman - 104
3rd Pl Carson Reese - 105

MP50 (5):
1st Pl John Belty - 100
2nd Pl Andrew Newberry - 103

Open (16):
1st Pl Mark Krueger - 93
2nd Pl Hunter Williams - 94
3rd Pl John Corriston - 98

For official and full results:

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