Monkey Trap (97 Pre Registered) and Pitt (32 Pre Registered) Updates - Jul 18th, 2012


There are now over the initial 90 player limit that is posted on the flier. To accommodate 100 players we will be adding 2 holes making this a 20 hole lay out. If you have not Pre Paid I suggest you do so via Pay Pal as soon as you can. All players packs are as always on a first come & pay, first serve basis. There were only 90 players packs so know that if you are not one of the 1st 90 paid you will not get a full players pack.

There are 14 Open, 3 Pro Grand Master, 19 Adv, 4 Advanced Master, 3 Adv Grand Master, 24 Intermediate, 20 Rec, 1 Adv Wn, 1 Int Wn, 2 Rec Wn, and 1 Junior girl. If you do not see your name on the list below and you have contacted Kyle or myself LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY.

Pre Registration List (96):

Russ Burns, Kyle McClure, Jake Whitehead, Kevin Carder, Randal Reisner, Kyle Wilkes, Corbin Capages, Joe Deer, Steven Kelso, Scott Lindenau, Justin Sanders, Palmer Hussman, Joseph Wilson, Richard Why, Tara Hadick, Amber Processor, Zack Jones, Tayler Segars, Grant Benson, Josh Hurt, Pierson Kellogg, Romeo Hayner, Brittian Harrison, Buddy Larue, Uriah Johnson, Gregg Cass, Hunter Wright, Greg Fehernbach, Taylor Sears, Eric Bailey, Michael Gray, Chad Fisk, Bryce Fisk, Dasun Keyler, Kevin Elrod, Josh Given, Justin Ausmus, Michael Cory, Tyler Foreman, Shayn Woltz, Michael Porter, Isaac Davison, Michael Davison, Andrew Jinks, Chris Bosch, Jason Frame, Greg Willhite, Seth Fendley, Vincent Voorheis, JC Mitchell, Zach Rogers, Madison Rogers, Marcus Purdy, Michael Seiter, Zach Lund, Byron Vaughn, Joshua Hall, Jacob Hall, Jordan Hall, Lacy Hayes, Chris Shelton, Seth Cook, Chris Clemmons, George Eudy, Brad Chisolm, Bobby Barnes Jr., Johnny Chisolm, Eric Rainey, Branden Eads, Ray Moore, Derek Thompson, John McGowan, Matt Cook, Matt Scott, Alex Newby, John David, Dan Ensor, Kaleb Larue, Justin Kingery, Kyle Giovanni, Keith Giovanni, D. J. Myrick, Mark Darrel, Jacob Whittington, Robert Armstrong, Wallace McCulley, Ethan Gammill, Scott LaScelle, Steve Bennett, Buck Hadlock, Thomas Curtis, Matt Scott, Scott Elam, Scott Helms, Justin Willams, Darrell Baily


There are 32 registered players for this event. You may view all entries at


Please see the post below to register.

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